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 Graduate School Survival Guidelines 



Once you have been admitted, your focus will shift to completing your degree. The following factors will become important to your survival and success in graduate or professional school:


  • Students are expected to be in class with few absences and to turn work in on time. Much of the work in graduate school is completed outside of the classroom in the form of assigned readings and research.


  • Only A's and B's are acceptable as passing grades in graduate school. It is important to study and develop a working rapport with instructors as well as other students.


  • The library will be your second home while in school. Know what materials and professional journals are available in your institution's library.

Professional activities 

  • Involvement in professional activities offers students an opportunity to develop skills that they can't develop in the classroom. They teach students how to work with people, how to plan, publicize, present and manage. Future employers will be interested in hearing about your professional activities. Professional organizations can also give you insight into your career field or profession. Personal contacts made in these organizations can also serve you well in networking in the future.

Time management 

  • Many students aren't successful in graduate school because they don't know how to effectively use their time. Be sure to do some long range planning for exams, papers, and research; keep a written list of things to do, and don't over commit yourself.

Support system 

  • Have some special people with whom you can discuss your concerns.

Your health 

  • Get plenty of sleep and exercise; take care of yourself. Physical and mental health is important to your success in graduate school.



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