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 Graduate School Timeline 



This timetable is suggested by Peterson's Annual Guides to Graduate Study and represents the ideal for most students. However, requirements vary by school and should be noted.

Junior Year - Fall and Spring  

  • Research institutions offering graduate programs in your area of interest.
  • Talk to your academic advisor about graduate school in general, and ask for advice on programs to research.
  • Narrow your selection to two or three institutions.
  • Investigation national and local scholarships.

Junior Year - Summer 

  • Find out which admission exams are required and pick up test bulletins.
  • Request the school catalog, application materials, and financial aid information online or by telephone.
  • Write to the prospective department for additional information regarding graduate assistantships offered by the university. Pay close attention to application deadlines.
  • Visit the institutions of interest.
  • Check on application deadlines and admissions procedures.
  • Begin to prepare your application forms and application essay.
  • For medical, dental, osteopathy, podiatry, or law school, you may need to register for the national application or data assembly service most programs use.

Senior Year - Fall 

  • Obtain letters of recommendation.
  • Take graduate admissions tests if you haven't already.
  • Send in completed applications and other required materials by the deadline to both the Graduate Admissions Office and the prospective department.
  • Send a deposit to your institution of choice.
  • Register for the Graduate and Professional Financial Aid Service if required.

Senior Year - Spring 

  • Check with all institutions before the deadline to make sure your application file is complete.
  • Prepare for a visit and possible interview with institutions that have an interest in you.
  • Notify other colleges and universities that accepted you of your acceptance to a program, so they may admit students on their waiting list.
  • Send thank you notes to people who wrote your recommendation letters, informing them of your success.



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