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Sample Park Management Interview Questions 

  • What is your management philosophy?
  • Tell me about a time when you found it necessary to tactfully but forcefully say things that others did not want to hear.
  • Describe for me a situation that would demonstrate the level of confidence that you have in yourself.
  • Provide me with an example of how you've asserted yourself in an emergency or high-pressure situation.
  • What management style would you use today, and why?
  • Thinking back on your previous experience (internship/co-op), pick your finest hour. Describe the assignment or project that you feel best demonstrated your management skills.
  • Obviously as a manager, you must interact successfully with people, clients, upper management, subordinates, etc. in order to make a positive impact. Can you sketch out two or three key strengths you feel you have in dealing with people?
  • Describe the process and procedures you would put into place to improve the quality and timeliness of customer service.
  • Describe a time when you took action to provide quick and thorough service in response to a patron's request or problem.
  • What type of ideas do you have for providing patron satisfaction and bringing patrons back on a repeat basis?
  • If you have done this, give me an example.
  • How can a supervisor establish effective communication with staff?
  • Tell me how you have attempted to build trust with your employees, peers and customers.
  • Would you want your subordinates to like you or respect you as a manager?
  • What can a supervisor do to enhance an employee's job and the employee's motivation?
  • Tell me about a time when you were able to build team spirit in a time of low morale.
  • As a manager, you will need to explain policies and procedures to trainees. Think of the most recent time you had to tell other people about an upcoming change.
  • It is sometimes desirable to lead other people by setting a positive example. Describe a work situation when your example served as a model for others.
  • Individuals vary in their abilities to influence others. Give me a specific example of a time you were successful in guiding another person to a worthwhile objective.
  • Sometimes, despite our best efforts, subordinates remain confused about their objectives on a project or assignment we have given. How would you help to clarify these items for one of your workers?
  • What do you know about our park?
  • Aside from classroom texts, what journals or professional articles are you currently reading for professional development?
  • What are your expectations regarding your workload as a first year employee with this organization?
  • What have you done in the last year to improve your management skills?
  • If your career demands it, would you be willing to relocate in order to advance?
  • What are some of the hot topics that park managers are talking about?



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