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Sample Reading Specialist Interview Questions 

  • What is your philosophy on reading?
  • How would you integrate your philosophy on reading into your remediation practices?
  • What specific reading programs would you like to see implemented for struggling readers?
  • How do you see yourself partnering with teachers? With administrators?
  • What models of co-teaching will you follow and adopt?
  • How would you assess the reading levels of students?
  • What strategies would you use when working with an older student with poor reading ability?
  • What do you see as your role in the educational, social, emotional, and psychological development of students?
  • Discuss your student teaching/practicum experiences. What you liked/disliked? Changes you would have made?
  • Please tell me about your most challenging experience while working with children and how you handled it.
  • How do you utilize technology?
  • What experience do you have with diverse populations?
  • Describe to me a lesson that was particularly successful by detailing for me from the planning through delivery stage.
  • Describe to me your strengths.
  • How do you feel personally that students learn?
  • How has your education prepared you for this position?
  • How do you know your curriculum is appropriately matched to your students’ needs?
  • What are some successful formative assessment strategies your have used recently?
  • Tell me about the experience you have that qualifies you for this position.
  • Professional Learning Communities are very important. What is your experience with them?
  • Please tell me how you design your instruction in reading, and how you make decisions on the content to be taught.



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