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 Interview Checklist 




  • Know your skills and abilities.
  • Know your career goals.
  • Research the company or organization through print and electronic resources.
  • Have a resume with you, which highlights your experience and skills.
  • If the organization has a standard application, complete it before you arrive.
  • Know about your field of interest - openings, salary ranges, possible job, and hot topics.

Day of the Interview 

  • Dress appropriately; professional dress is a must.
  • Make arrangements for transportation necessary to get you to the interview on time.
  • Arrive ten minutes early for the interview.
  • Know the interviewer's name.
  • Do not take friends, parents or children with you to an interview or to a job fair.
  • Be prepared to state your qualifications briefly and intelligently.

At the Interview 

  • Introduce yourself; shake hands (firmly, but not bone crushing!!).
  • Smile and look directly at the interviewer.
  • Be a good listener; don't dominate the interview.
  • Answer all questions briefly and intelligently.
  • Ask questions about the job to show your interest - and your willingness to contribute.
  • Make sure that you present skills and accomplishments that relate to the job.
  • Be sincere and honest.
  • Salary questions are tricky. Know your ranges and keep fringe benefits in mind.
  • Leave family or personal problems at home.
  • Do not be critical of former employers or coworkers.
  • Thank the person for their time and consideration and ask for a business card.

After the Interview 

  • Make each interview a learning experience; how could you improve your next interview?
  • Make note of questions that were difficult for you to answer.
  • What points do you need to stress more?



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