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 Interview Follow-up Tips 



Why should I send a thank you letter? 

  • Statistics show that only 33% of interviewees send thank-you notes after an interview.
  • Use this as an opportunity to mention anything you may have forgotten to in the interview, thank the interviewer one more time, and express your level of interest in the position.
  • Sending a thank you note can mean the difference between receiving a job offer and not.
  • See the Thank You Letters guide for tips on writing thank-you letters and follow up correspondence.

How can I evaluate my performance 

  • Interviewing, just like anything else, is a learning experience. Concentrate on your strengths and areas that need improvement and work on them before your next interview.  You might consider asking yourself the following questions to assess your performance.
    • Was I courteous with everyone with whom I dealt?
    • Did I give positive signals about my interest in the position?
    • Did my body language show my interest, enthusiasm and eagerness?
    • Was my tone of voice pleasant; did I speak clearly enough for the interviewer to hear?
    • Did I look at the interviewer both when speaking and when spoken to?
    • Did I fidget or appear nervous?
    • Did I show that I was listening by answering the questions that were asked and did I adequately answer the questions answered?
    • Did I successfully demonstrate my qualifications?
    • Which questions did I have trouble answering and why?
    • What were my greatest strengths/weaknesses?
    • How could I have improved this interview?



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