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 Job Search Etiquette 



Prior to the interview 

  • Communication: written (resume/cover letter) and verbal (phone calls)
  • Job Fairs
    • Be prepared to interace; similar to an interview
    • Do research beforehand and have a game plan
    • Be engaged
    • Send thank-you notes/e-mails
  • Do research to develop questions
    • Review website and job description
    • Ask HR or connection for information
  • Mock Interview
  • Dress

Day of the interview 

  • Turn off cell phone
  • Be early (15 minutes) interview starts as soon as you get on site (be nice to the receitionist)
  • Handshake/greeting
    • Demonstrate between us, critique and then they demonstrate among themselves
  • Actual interview
    • Be honest
    • Language
    • Ask good questions
    • Listen well (write down notes to remember later, to bring up during question time)
    • Smile, make eye contact, be friendly and enthusiastic
    • Salary
      • Don't bring it up on your first interview
      • If they bring it up, ask for a range and find more information
      • Don't settle right away (come talk to us, and do research)

Dining interviews 

  • Watch what you order: price, drinks, do not expect to get full
  • Napkin on lap
  • Table setting: outside to inside
  • Finishing: knife and fork on plate diagonally

After the interview 

  • Thank-you notes, even if not interested
  • Offer follow-up: accepting and declining
  • Denial follow-up: how can you improve?

Other resources 

Job-Hunting and Interview Etiquette

  • Provides job-hunting and interview etiquette resources, such as websites and articles.
Boise State University
  • Provides tips on good manners for job hunting and interview process.
Delta State University
  • Business Etiquette tips concerning interview and dining techniques.
Ball State University
  • Tips on dining techniques.



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