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Physics Job Search Engines & Resource Sites 

American Association of Physics Teachers
  • AAPT was established in 1930 with the fundamental goal of ensuring the "dissemination of knowledge of physics, particularly by way of teaching." In addition to helping you learn more about traditional teaching methods, they can help you learn new teaching methods and use modern technology to entice students with the wonders of science.
American Institute of Physics
  • Click on "Employment & Industry" to access the career services features of this web site. The site also contains a variety of physics news and updates.
American Physical Society
  • Active in public and governmental affairs, and in the international physics community. In addition, the Society conducts extensive programs in education, public outreach, and media relations. Includes job openings.
Jobs in Physics, Astronomy, and Other Fields
  • This site is a homepage of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Sonoma State University. It will provide you with information regarding fields of science such as physics, astronomy, oceanography, math, computer science, engineering, etc. In addition to an information bank, you can find job, internship, and research postings throughout the country in all of these areas.

National Society of Black Physicists

  • Promoting the professional well-being of African American physicists and physics students within the international scientific community and within society at large.
  • is a comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site. In addition, is a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds.
  • Physics Jobs is an online resource for job announcements, career enhancing courses or calls for proposals accessed globally by the physics and engineering community. All advertisements placed in Physics World are complimented by their online presence.

Society of Physics Students

  • A professional association explicitly designed for students. Membership, through collegiate chapters, is open to anyone interested in Physics. The SPS exists to help students tranform themselves into contributing members of the professional community.

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine

  • The American Association of Physicists in Medicine is the premier organization in medical physics, a broadly-based scientific and professional discipline encompassing physics principles and applications in biology and medicine.



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