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 Obtaining References 



Reference Example 

Whom should you ask to serve as a reference? 

  • Employers, professors, or persons who have observed you performing skills related to the position which you are applying.
  • Avoid personal references if possible. This would include neighbors, family, and friends.

How do you ask for a reference? 

  • Verbal references--Ask if they feel comfortable providing a reference and the manner they would prefer to be contacted by the potential employer.
  • Letters of Recommendation--Make sure to give the reference plenty of time to write it and provide them with the details of the position, the company name, address, contact person, and other pertinent information.

How can I be sure a letter/verbal reference will address my skills and abilities? 

  • Provide a copy of your resume, transcript, coursework, and a job description for the position.
  • Reinforce the aspects of the position that you feel are most important to the employer and that you possess, providing reminders of how you have demonstrated that quality.
  • Be sure to let your reference know if you got the job, and thank them for the reference. Not only is this considerate, but it will help build this relationship for future purposes, even future references.

How do I supply my reference? 

  • Your reference information should be on a separate sheet from your resume.
  • It should use the same header as your cover letter and resume.



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