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Thank You Letters

  • As with cover letters, thank you letters should be printed or typed on bonded (resume quality) paper and obviously should be addressed to the individual who interviewed you. If you were interviewed by more than one person, it is appropriate to write a different letter to each interviewer.
  • Since you probably got to know the interviewer, the letter can be a little more informal and personal than a cover letter.
  • Reaffirm anything you liked about the organization and/or any ways you believe you'll meet their needs.
  • If you forgot to mention something important about yourself, you can mention it now.
  • If you have decided you do not want to the job, thank them for their time but let them know now that you do not want it.
  • If you want the job more than ever, let them know. Enthusiasm is a highly prized commodity.
  • Close by saying you are looking forward to hearing from them by whatever decision date you had previously agreed upon. If you don't hear by then, it is all right to call to ask the status of your application.
  • After you have spoken with a company representative, it is not only polite, but politically wise to say thank you. This applies whether you have had information interview or a formal interview and whether or not you would like to work at that job. A thank you letter is a simple acknowledgement of appreciation that someone took time to talk to you.



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