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 Types of Interviews 



Teaching a Sample Lesson 

  • Many school districts require candidates to teach a sample lesson, usually after an initial screening interview when the field has been reduced to a manageable number. Sometimes you will teach the lesson to administrators, sometimes to other teachers, and sometimes to a class of genuine, live students. Usually, you'll be given the topic in advance in order to prepare an effective lesson. Sometimes, you'll have to respond to an immediate request to teach. Whatever the situation, here's your chance to show them what you have!
  • Infrequently, employers will ask to see a video of a lesson that you have taught. If you have video taped several lessons, you may want to edit those and make a "highlight tape" of your best teaching moments. Analyze your video and be able to articulate in an interview what you learned from it.

The "Stress" Interview 

  • Sometimes teacher candidates will complain that an interview was stressful. Actually, you should hope for an interviewer who asks tough questions. How else can you address issues and discuss how you are an outstanding teacher? Teaching is a profession that is emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging. Administrators desire teachers who can meet these demands successfully and professionally. During a "stressful" interview you have the opportunity to prove you have what it takes to be cool under pressure.

The Panel Interview 

  • Many school districts include a panel in the interviewing process. This panel can be composed of district and/or building administrators, teachers, school board members, and sometimes community members. The process of the interview will be the same as an individual interview. You'll be asked questions, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions. It is still two-way communication. Obviously, you'll want to pay close attention to the person who asks you the question, but when you answer, make eye contact with all of the committee members. Slowly and naturally, change your eye contact from one panel member to another. It is similar to teaching -- you are communicating information to several people at once.



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