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Financial Aid 

 Additional Education Programs and Services for Veterans and Dependents 



Student Loan Repayment (Reserves/Guard)

Members of the Reserves or National Guard may be eligible for annual loan repayment of 15% of eligible loans or $500, whichever is greater. Maximum payment will not exceed $10,000 in most cases; maximum annual payment will not exceed $1,500 plus interest. Contact the National Guard or Reserve recruiting station.

  • Basic eligibility

Enlisting for 6 years, 8 years, or extending enlistment of 3-6 years; AFQT score of 50+ for NPS only; not a permanent technician or AGR; MOS qualified, and have a position vacancy; must execute form through Reserve/Guard unit to select Student Loan Repayment (SLR).

  • Which loans qualify for repayment

Stafford, Perkins, parental (PLUS), Federally Insured Student Loans (FISL), Auxiliary Loans (ALAS).

  • Scope of repayment

Loans secured prior to, on, or after date of enlistment, or those which have been secured for at least one year. SLR can be combined with enlistment bonus, retention bonus, GI Bill, Tuition Credit or ACES programs.

  • How to apply

Soldier completes Part I of form DD2475 (DOD Annual Loan Repayment Application) obtained from Reserve/Guard unit; unit completes Part II and sends to lender (bank); bank completes Part III and returns form to unit for payment processing.

  • Termination of repayment

Termination will occur if soldier completes term of service, is reclassified to ineligible MOS, becomes an unsatisfactory participant, separates from the Reserve/Guard as an enlisted person, fails to extend term of service for period of non-availability, or is enrolled in the Active Duty portion of the Montgomery GI Bill.

Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial assistance is available if the student is receiving VA educational assistance,  attending at least ½ time and has a deficiency in a subject making tutoring necessary.   Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551.

VA Work Study

The VA Work Study program permits eligible Chapter 30, 1606 or 35 students to perform VA-related services in return for payment based on the higher of the Federal or State minimum wage. An eligible person may work up to 25 hours times the number of weeks in the enrollment periods, and must have remaining entitlement under one of the above GI Bill programs.  Students may work at a school VA office, VA regional office or medical facility, or approved State employment office.

Work study sites:

  • VA Medical Center, Butler, PA Ph: 724-287-4781
  • Butler County Veterans Affairs Ph: 724-284-5353
  • Mercer County Veterans Affairs Ph: 724-662-3800
  • Also contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551

ROTC Scholarship

ROTC scholarships may be awarded to cover tuition and/or books. These scholarships may have an effect on GI Bill and financial aid eligibility. Learn more about the SRU Army ROTC program.

  • ROTC & Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 benefits are not payable for the same period the soldier receives an ROTC scholarship. Chapter 1606 benefits may be resumed at a later date.

  • ROTC & Chapter 30

Chapter 30 benefits are not payable if student is commissioned as a result of an ROTC scholarship. Chapter 30 benefits are payable if Chapter 30 benefits were earned based on prior (enlisted) active duty service, and the student subsequently receives an ROTC scholarship. In this situation, the student may receive both GI Bill and ROTC scholarship.

  • ROTC & Financial Aid

In some situations, financial aid awards may be adjusted so that the student’s aid (grants, loans, GI Bill benefits) does not exceed the amount of aid allowed by state and federal regulations. Adjustments may be made to reduce grant and loan eligibility.

  • ROTC & Veteran Status

For state and federal financial aid purposes, a "veteran" is one who has served on federal Active Duty in the regular Armed Forces (not Reserves or National Guard). An individual who never served in the regular Armed Forces, is an ROTC student, Reserve or National Guard enlistee and was never activated for duty in the regular Armed Forces, is not considered a veteran. In most cases, the veteran must have been released from active duty under other than dishonorable conditions.

ACES (Army Continuing Education System)

May fund tuition assistance (ACES – T.A.) through Education Centers for those currently on active duty in the RA/AGR. TA may be for up to 6 credits. Ph: 717-245-3943.

DANTES – Exam programs through which soldiers can earn GED, college credit or professional certification. Tests include GED, CLEP, DANTES (subject standardized tests), ACT/PEP, ACT, SAT, GMAT, LSAT, NTE, ASE, ICCP.

Administered at the 99th ARCOM facility at no (or low) cost to soldiers. Ph: 1-800-635-1290.

Credit for Military Service

Those who have served on Active Duty in the regular Armed Forces for one year (not Reserves or National Guard) may present their DD214 and any service school transcripts to the Director of Academic Records, 107 Old Main, to obtain or be considered for:

  • credit for military service schools
  • 3 credits for military service experience
  • waiver of 2 required physical education courses

(Additional details can be found in the SRU on-line Undergraduate Catalog in the section titled "Academic Procedures and Policies".)

Education Gratuity Grant

The applicant must be the child of a veteran whose 100% disability is war or armed conflict service-connected, or who died while on active duty as a result of service-connected disability, hostile fire, or a terrorist attack during peace time, as determined by the Dept of Military Affairs. The applicant must be between the ages of 16 and 24, a Pennsylvania resident for 5 years immediately prior to filing for the benefit, attend an approved PA state institution and demonstrate financial need. Contact the PA Dept. of Military Affairs at 717-861-8910.


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