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Financial Aid 

 Educational Benfits: Your Responsibilities, Termination of Benefits and Overpayments 




Notify the Veterans Coordinator of your intended enrollment each semester and summer.  Enrollment forms are mailed to students each April.

Notify the Veterans Coordinator of any change in course load (drop, add, withdrawal) within one week of the change. This will help eliminate or reduce potential overpayment of benefits.

Notify the Veterans Coordinator of your current campus address and phone number and any change of address.

Notify the Veterans Coordinator of any change in major.

If your Reserve or National Guard unit is activated and you must leave the university for a period of time, use the following procedures:

  • Notify the Office of Retention Services (724-738-2011) and the Office of Veterans Affairs (724-738-2690) of your last date of attendance. You must also provide a copy of your federal activation orders.
  • The above offices will notify your professors.
  • If you withdraw due to activation during the semester, financial aid will be returned, you will be withdrawn with "W" grades, and you will not be charged for tuition/fees for the term, although you will incur room and board charges if applicable.  If you received GI Bill benefits, you will be permitted to keep funds received.  Entitlement for those months will not be counted.  Your 10-year delimiting date may be extended for the number of months you were activated.

Termination of Benefits

Class Attendance

The Veterans Coordinator will monitor class attendance via your professors. Students who do not attend on a regular basis, stop attending, or withdraw (officially or unofficially) will be reported to the Buffalo Regional Processor. Such notification may include a last date of attendance for each class, and may result in adjustment or termination of your GI Bill eligibility. You should have drop/withdrawal cards signed by the Veterans Coordinator to minimize GI Bill overpayment.

Academic Probation/Suspension and GI Bill Eligibility

A student who is placed on academic probation (or probation combined with academic suspension) for two consecutive terms of attendance at SRU, will have his/her GI Bill benefits terminated.  In addition:

  • Affected students will be notified that their benefits have been terminated.
  • If the student re-enrolls or continues enrollment for subsequent terms, the student will be certified for the subsequent term(s) PROVIDED the student completes the appropriate VA forms (available in the Veterans Affairs Office, 107 Maltby).
  • Termination of benefits is NOT limited to one time at SRU.  Benefits will be terminated if the recipient re-enrolls and is subsequently placed on probation/suspension during two semesters of enrollment.

Academic Suspension

A student who is placed on academic suspension will immediately have his/her GI Bill benefits terminated.

Education Benefits Overpayments

An overpayment may result if you receive a grade of I, WP, NC, or AU, which are not used in computing requirements for your degree program/graduation, or if you repeat a course in which you previously received a passing grade, unless a higher grade in that course is required for graduation.

Additional causes for overpayments:

  • You stop attending classes.
  • You withdraw from school.
  • Information is received from professors which indicates you stopped attending or have not attended class.

Avoiding Education Overpayments

To avoid overpayment of benefits, veterans and dependents must immediately report to the Veterans Coordinator any change in credit hours, drop/add, withdrawal or termination of attendance!

  • All overpayments must be repaid to the DVA.
  • Failure to repay an overpayment will result in adverse credit and debt collection may be turned over to a collection agency or the IRS.
  • Contact the Veterans Coordinator before you cash your next check if you suspect a change in credit load or termination of attendance, as these circumstances could result in an overpayment.
  • Obtain the signature of the Veterans Coordinator on any drop card or withdrawal form.

Mitigating circumstances

If you change credit load or withdraw from the University after the drop/add period, you will be asked to provide a statement explaining the events that caused the change in enrollment. Mitigating circumstances are unanticipated and unavoidable "events" that interfere with your pursuit of a course. Withdrawal to avoid a failing grade, dislike of the instructor, or attempting too many courses are not considered mitigating circumstances.

If you do not provide a statement, or mitigating circumstances are not acceptable, the VA may reduce or terminate your benefits effective the beginning of the term, rather than your actual last date of attendance.


Contact Information

1 Morrow Way
Slippery Rock PA 16057

107 Maltby Center

724.738.2922 (fax)

M-F: 8:00-4:30
Summer: 8:00-4:00

WARNING: Some bogus web pages have appeared regarding veterans services. Please be careful. Authentic government web pages include the ending (.gov) as part of the web page.

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