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FYRST Student Academic Progression Goals

Students progressing from FYRST to a degree granting college should leave with: 

·         A sound introduction to the expectations of higher education and to behaviors and attitudes that will be helpful in their adjustment to the University.

·         Accurate, timely and courteous responses to their questions about University procedures, resources and programs.

·         Clear and accurate information regarding academic programs and how to formulate and personalize their own baccalaureate degree;

·         A clear understanding of both their individual rights and responsibilities and those of the institution.

·         A clear understanding of the requirements to your desired degree granting college. Some majors require more than 24 credits and a competitive QPA for formal acceptance.

·         A well-informed decision regarding their chosen degree program or major area suited to their interests, abilities, and intended careers;

·         Belief that their academic advisors were willing to discuss with them any matter affecting their academic work.

·         An appreciation for the value that a college degree has to personal growth, career opportunities, and community obligation.

What’s Coming Up?
April 6 - 17 Summer/Fall 2015 registration
May 4 Last day of class
May 5-9 Final exam week #sruFinals
May 9 Spring commencement #srugrad



My Rock Audit

Ms. Cathy Brinjak
Assistant Professor
Director of FYRST Seminar & Academic Advisement Center
106B Bailey Library