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 First Year Experience - Surveys and Assessments 



Understanding the Needs of our First-Year Students.

The first-year experience has long been recognized as the foundation of student learning and success. Slippery Rock University (SRU) offers an array of initiatives to help first-year students make a successful transition to higher education. How Slippery Rock University structures the campus environment for new students plays a critical role in determining how students spend their time on campus, how they engage in learning, and whether they return for the second year or even the next semester.

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FYI Survey (FYRST Seminar)

Foundations of Excellence

Millennial Student Presentations


“Who Are SRU’s First Year Students – A Presentation” combines data and information, with trends, attitudes, and behaviors to help Faculty and Staff better understand our first year students. The following slides present data about SRU’s First Year students gathered from the MAP-Works “Transition” and “Check-Up” surveys, the SRU SAS Enrollment Portal, and the SRU Freshmen Survey. This presentation also illustrates common characteristics of their generation, the Millennials, in order to paint a clearer picture of just who are SRU’s First Year Students – beyond the data.


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“Who Are SRU’s First Year Students – A Presentation” can be viewed as Video (which opens in a new window) and can be paused at any time to isolate individual slides. The Print Copy opens as a PDF file in a new window for printing.

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