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MAP-Works is an assessment system designed to enhance a student’s ability to make a successful transition to college. MAP-Works enables student success by providing customized, relevant information to students and by alerting faculty/staff so that they can initiate proactive intervention to reduce a student's risk of failure and to help students get the most out of their college experience.

MAP-Works Snapshot

MAP-Works Training

Fall Check-Up Snapshot

 Sample Reports

Factor Means

Factor Means by High School GPA

OPEN- Most Liked About College

Factor + Question Means

Factor Means by Father’s Education

OPEN- Least Liked About College

Factor Means by Gender

Factor Means by Mother’s Education

Factor Means by Ethnicity

Factor Means by Struggling in Course

Factor Means by Highest Education Aspired to

SRU Specific Questions

Some reports on this site are password protected. In order to access them, enter your SRU email adress ( and your network password.   

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