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Graduate Admissions 

 Frequently Asked Questions for Inquiries and Applications 



What is the contact information for the Office of Graduate Admissions?
Call at 724-738-2051 or toll free at 1-877-SRU-GRAD. You can also e-mail at The mailing address is Office of Graduate Admissions, North Hall Welcome Center, One Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.

When should I apply for admission?
For most graduate programs, applications are accepted and processed on a “rolling” basis until classes are filled. Only complete files will receive an official admission decision. It is recommended that you submit all of your credentials as far in advance as possible with a minimum of one month prior to the semester you wish to begin.
Applicants for the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Counseling and Development programs should consult with the individual program
fact sheets for application deadlines.

How do I apply for admission?
Applications are only accepted online. To gain access to the application please click the "Apply Now" link to the right

What credentials are required in the application process?
The current online application and the $25 application fee ($35 for DPT applications).
An official transcript of your undergraduate degree, as well as all undergraduate institutions attended, and transcripts of any graduate level work already completed.
Each program has their own additional requirements. Check the appropriate departmental fact sheet 

What are the criteria for admission?
Generally, an undergraduate QPA of 2.75 or higher is required for unconditional acceptance. Initial teacher certification programs, the Doctor of Physical Therapy, Counseling and Development and MBA require a 3.0 QPA. SRU does not have a cutoff score on the general examination of the GRE or MAT.  Each application is reviewed individually for course background and preparation for graduate study.

What is the required application fee?
The required non-refundable application fee is $25 for most programs, and $35 for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. International applications are $30. Previously admitted graduate students do not have to pay the fee a second time to reactivate their file.

Are interviews required for application or admission?
Interviews are required for the Counseling and Development programs only.  Departments do reserve the right to request an interview if they feel it would be helpful in making an admission decision. Prospective students and applicants are invited to contact the individual department graduate coordinators or the Office of Graduate Admissions for an appointment at any time. Visiting Slippery Rock is an excellent way to determine if graduate study at our University is right for you.

Do SRU undergraduates have to reapply as graduate students?
Yes, all prospective graduate students must apply, regardless of their undergraduate institution. If you are a current or former SRU student, we will request your undergraduate SRU transcripts for you.

Are letters of recommendation required?
You are always welcome to send letters in support of your application.  Physical Therapy and Counseling and Development students must submit 3 letters; Criminal Justice students must submit one to three letters; Elementary Education must submit 2 letters on the required forms found on the Elementary Education Academic Programs page; Adapted Physical Activity students must submit 2 letters.  Check the
fact sheet of your program for specific details.

How long will it take to receive an admissions decision?
Application files are reviewed on a continuous basis. Applicants will be notified if their file is incomplete. Applicants usually receive a decision letter within two to three weeks after the applicant's file is complete. Doctor of Physical Therapy (November 1 deadline with rolling decisions) and Counseling and Development (spring interview dates) timelines differ.  You are welcome to call Graduate Admissions to check the status of your file.

Where can I get information about the GRE or MAT?
Vist the
test information site for details.

Can I apply before I take the required graduate entrance test?
Yes, you can send your application materials in any order. If you are taking the GRE or MAT after applying for admission, we recommend you self report your scores to Graduate Admissions. We will process your application while we are waiting for the official score report.

What if I am admitted on a conditional basis?
Conditional admittance means that your acceptance letter will list certain conditions that must be met prior to enrollment, or during your first semester of attendance, or both. Examples of conditional admittance can be a certain QPA requirement, official test scores, and official degree conferred transcripts.

Can I take graduate courses without being admitted to a degree program?
Yes, you can apply as a non-degree student which allows enrollment for up to 12 graduate credits. This status does not continue, and students must reapply each semester. GRE or MAT test results are not required.  Applicants must submit only the official transcript verifying a bachelors degree or higher.

I just want teacher certification hours or Act 48 credits, how do I apply?
See non-degree status above.

When should I apply for financial aid?
You may apply for financial aid at the same time you are submitting your application and credentials for admission. The processes are separate. Apply using the FAFSA form after January 1 for the following year. Mid-year and summer applicants should use the current year FAFSA form available from any financial aid office. The electronic version is available thru the
SRU financial aid website. You must be a degree applicant to be eligible for graduate financial aid.

When can I apply for a graduate assistantship?
You may submit the graduate assistantship materials at the same time you are applying for admission. There is no specific deadline as long as the position is open. Positions may be available for one semester or the entire year. Contact each department of interest with a G.A. employment application and a resume. Call the contact person for each position and arrange for an interview. Check the graduate website under
assistantships frequently to view the open positions. Apply early.

What happens after I get my admission letter?
Sign and return your acknowledgement form.  Once received, you will be able to register for classes.  Contact your program academic advisor as soon as you are ready to register. 

Can I attend part-time, or every other semester?
Graduate students enrolled for eight or less credits are part-time and graduate students with 9 or more credits are full-time. If you are not part of a cohort program, your status can change each semester. If you are enrolled for a given semester, you will automatically remain eligible in the system for the next three semesters as long as you are in good academic standing. If you do not enroll for three active sessions in a row, you must apply to be reactivated by the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Are classes offered in the evening?
Most graduate courses are offered in the evening. Some are also offered during the day and on Saturdays. The course schedule varies in the summertime – check the class schedule booklet for times and locations.

Can I live on campus?
Yes, graduate students can live in a residence hall or the Rock Apartments. There is also a variety of off campus housing available. Click
here to learn more.

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