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 Graduate International Supplement 




In order for you to better understand the policies and procedures of Slippery Rock University, the following information is provided. You are encouraged to attend the new international student orientation program which is held prior to the beginning of each semester in order to familiarize yourself with our University. The following items will be discussed in further detail at that time.

INTERNATIONAL ADMISSION PHILOSOPHY AND DECISIONS — The cultural diversity and awareness of the Slippery Rock University community is augmented by our international Admissions program. The number of students from individual countries may be limited. For this reason, it is beneficial to you to apply to several colleges and universities in the United States. International students are expected to share their unique experiences and cultures. By accepting admission, you are agreeing to participate in such events.

COURSES ATTEMPTED — All academic work attempted by the student is evaluated by the American education system. When applying for admission to our University, be sure to indicate all academic work that you have attempted. Your overall academic performance and abilities will be used to determine your admission. Falsification of your application will result in dismissal from Slippery Rock University.

INSTRUCTION AND TESTING - Your classroom activity will mainly consist of lecture and discussion. It is recommended that you read as much as possible in English as a means to improve your reading speed. This will be beneficial to you in adjusting to the reading requirements of your courses. However, reading lists for each course are not available prior to your arrival at Slippery Rock University. Requirements for courses vary by professor and not by the courses themselves. Independent thought and mental processing are important in testing in American universities. At Slippery Rock University, meaningful learning is of greater significance than the completion of courses and obtaining credits.

MEDICAL CONCERN/INSURANCE · We require two forms of medical coverage. The first is the Health Service Fee that will cover any basic medical care received at the University Health Center. Secondly, you will need health insurance. The United States does NOT provide a socialized medical/health system. It is necessary for everyone in the country to obtain health insurance. The University health service fee and health insurance costs are listed in the estimated costs on the front of the application form.


Since financial difficulties are a concern for many international students, we offer some scholarship assistance.

  • The University offers employment on campus for students at the federal minimum wage, currently $7.25 an hour, for up to 20 hours of work per week. This employment is not guaranteed and thus cannot be used in calculating finances. This is in compliance with U.S. federal regulations.
  • A limited number of graduate assistantship positions are available in specific academic departments and other offices on campus. However, acceptance to graduate school is not a guarantee that you will receive an assistantship. Assistantships may be granted for up to two years, with full-time recipients working 17.5 hours a week and taking at least 9 graduate credits per semester. Tuition is waived and yearly stipends are included.

Many international students also secure financial assistance through sponsors or scholarships not offered through the University. However, we are unable to help you obtain these additional sources of financial aid.

Thank you for your interest in Slippery Rock University. If you require any additional information, Please feel free to contact us.

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