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What are the admission guidelines for first-year students (freshmen)?

Students are admitted to Slippery Rock University on a rolling basis for all terms. Criteria used in evaluating freshmen admission to the University include: a student's official high school transcripts, 12th grade schedule (if applicable), standardized test scores (SAT or ACT), and rank in class (if available).

For automatic admission, a combined score of a 950 on the SAT (critical reading and math only) or 20 (composite) on the ACT and a 3.0 QPA is required. Applicants who do not meet the automatic admission guidelines are still encouraged to apply for admission. Such applicants may be placed on a wait list for admission consideration. Being placed on a wait list is not the same as being denied admission. Wait list status simply means that an applicant's credentials may require a closer review beyond just the quantitative numbers.

How do students apply for financial aid or scholarships?

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for detailed information on various financial aid programs and scholarship materials. You can submit your questions regarding financial assistance directly to the Financial Aid Office at Students are encouraged to apply for admission early.

When should I apply for admission to Slippery Rock University?

Students may apply for admission as first-year (new freshmen) following the completion of 11th grade. Slippery Rock offers rolling admission, which means we will accept applications from new freshmen until the class closes. Students are encouraged to apply early in the fall of their senior year.

Transfer students (those who have attended any other college or university) should visit the Financial Aid 
web site for transfer students.

Why apply early for first-year student (freshmen) admission for the fall semester?

Slippery Rock University subscribes to the National Association for College Admission Counseling's Principles of Good Practice. While we encourage prospective students to carefully consider their college options to find their best match, many students may reach a decision well before the spring of their senior year of high school. We encourage these students to consider making an early decision. Early application may result in an early offer of admission, allowing you to accept our offer of admission and make an early decision in the fall of your senior year in high school.

Accepting an offer of admission allows you to receive the first orientation invitations and housing contract mailings, which means that you have a better chance of getting your first choices of orientation dates and residence halls. Additionally, all
academic merit scholarships originate from the pool of students who apply for admission no later than early December. It is generally in your best interest to apply by Thanksgiving for fall semester.

Does Slippery Rock prefer the SAT or the ACT?

Slippery Rock will accept results from either the SAT or the ACT in order to make admission decisions. These standardized test scores will be used, among other criteria, by the student's advisor during Orientation to create a schedule of classes for his/her first semester at The Rock. If two or more sets of SAT scores are reported, we will use the highest combination of SAT math and verbal for the purpose of an admission decision.  If more than one ACT score is submitted, we will use the best composite score.

Are there specific courses a student must complete in high school in order to be accepted?

No specific high school courses are required to be admitted into Slippery Rock. However, we strongly recommend that prospective students complete a thorough college preparatory curriculum, including:

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of History/Social Sciences
  • 3 years of Natural Sciences (including 2 lab sciences), with a 4th year preferred
  • 3 years of Math (typically including Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry), with a 4th year preferred
  • 2 years of the same foreign language is preferred but not required.

Additional preparation is necessary for success and timely completion of certain academic programs. In other words, if an academic program requires calculus at Slippery Rock, students should plan on taking pre-calculus in high school. Prospective students should note that the college preparatory quality of an applicant's schedule is a strong factor when making admission decisions for Wait List applications.

How long does it take to receive a decision on admission?

It really depends upon the time of year you apply, because certain weeks are busier than others. Once the Admissions Office receives your complete application - including an Application for Admission, the $30.00 application fee, Official High School Transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores - a correspondence is sent within ten days. A decision of either an Offer of Admission or placement on a Wait List is made and notification is always sent in the mail.

What is an "offer of admission?"

An Offer of Admission is our invitation for you to become a Slippery Rock University student. You must accept the Offer of Admission in order to secure a place in the freshman class by submitting your enrollment deposit. Accepting an offer is easy. You will receive instructions and materials to do so once you are offered admission. Accepting our Offer of Admission usually includes:

  • Completing and returning an Offer of Admission Acceptance Notice
  • Sending an admission deposit of $ 90.00
  • Completing and returning an Academic Major Declaration Form

What is a "wait list?"

If your application credentials fall below our admission guidelines for automatic admission, your application results in a wait list decision. If your application is placed on the Wait List, please read the letter closely. Being placed on the Wait List does not mean your application is denied. It means that there is a quality regarding your credentials - usually either grades or test scores - that requires closer review. The Wait List letter will explain what you might do to favorably influence an admission decision and what happens next. The Wait List is reviewed continuously from November through June for fall semester admission, and November through January for spring semester admission. Applicants on the Wait List with credentials closest to admission guidelines are most likely to receive offers of admission. The Admissions Committee reviews such factors as: strength of college preparatory high school courses, grade trends, and standardized test scores. Letters of recommendation are not required, nor is an essay or personal statement. If the student does believe the Admissions Committee should know about a particular circumstance, a letter written by the student is encouraged.
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