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 HR Professional Leadership Development 



Leadership Development offers an opportunity for all staff and faculty to invest in themselves and their departments! 

We have a catalog for each semester, listing a variety of workshops from technology, interpersonal/management/softskills and wellness taught by experts in our university community.  We  can customize any workshop you may need. 

There is also a list of workshops offered on line  through the PASSHE Academy

 One tip or a different perpective may change your attitude, job perforance or work dynamics! 

Take a minute and review the workshops.   Let's ROCK!!

Leadership Development specializes in an experiential-learning approach to human resource development and organizational change.  This methodology creates challenging situations which holds the participants accountable of their actions.  The participants will be faced with real challenges encouraging them to negotiate and utilize different problem solving approaches.  Participants will apply practical leadership styles that can be implemented into their business.