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"I utilize the facility to teach my students, from classes such as Organizational Behavior and Organizational Leadership, team building and leadership concepts.  This facility is invaluable as an outdoor reaction course, whereby students can apply concepts learned in class and reinforce them in an experiential hands-on environment.  The feedback is always very positive as students actively engage in the different elements and learn more about themselves."

-Dr. Diane Galbraith


"The Executive Leadership Program has enhanced the classroom experience for students.  In the Adapted Physical Activity program, the students already have many opportunities for experiential learning as they support individuals with disabilities in physical activity.  The Leadership Lab, however, provides a unique avenue for students to practice problem-solving, conflict resolution, and communication skills away from the confines of the classroom.  Erin has the ropes course, trails, and many other resources not available in the typical classroom.  As an instructor, I work hard to assure that every exercise, discussion, or scenario in my course supports students as the attain the course learning outcomes.  In an individualized approach, during our lab, Erin works directly with me to tailor the leadership activities to the learning outcomes of the course and the particular students involved."

Dr. Elizabeth Kemeny


"The exercises our class encountered at the ropes course were incredibly efficient at teaching each individual in the class how important communication is when trying to accomplish any task, that being a leader doesn't necessarily mean stepping up and voicing your opinion, and teamwork is the key to success when a group of people come together to achieve a common goal.  Each of the lessons the class learned are not only a vital part in achieving success on the ropes course, but they are the keys to success in the real world."

"These leadership exercises redefined my definitions of success and failure.  I learned that success is not always accomplishing all of your goals.  Success is working as a team toward those goals and coming away as a better person."

-FYRST Seminar Students

"I found the ropes course to be a great leaning experience and fun to do with the staff.  it taught us how to view things in life through different perspectives and to trust our staff.  It really had us working as a team to achieve our goals."


"I found that being put into situations that made us utilize different communication skills was seen to be a big obstacle at first.  But soon enough we were able to bridge that gap and complete every exercise given.  By doing this, each group was able to become closer and develop communication skills past the set that we use every day.  I found the activities to be fun and yet still able to walk away with something."


"I thought the ropes course was AWESOME!  Great team-building; all in all a positive experience and I would do it again."

"Personally, I really liked the ropes course.  The day of the course was the day that I really felt like I bonded with my staff.  I think the ropes course should become a standard for training.  I thought that the ropes course was an excellent team building activity that helped me to feel more connected with my staff.  I think that it would be beneficial next year because it made my coworkers and myself more confident in our abilities to work together."

-Residence Life Staff