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004 Spotts World Culture Building is home to the Office for Global Engagement.

This office coordinates the admission and advisement of all international students (non-U.S. citizen and non-permanent resident students) at SRU.

You will always find the door open, the coffee pot on, and someone willing to help you find answers to the questions and concerns you may have as an international student.

All new international students at SRU participate in a mandatory orientation program prior to the start of classes. This week long program provides an extensive introduction to many programs and services of the University, as well as the American culture and educational system. Academic advisement and course registration also take place at this time.

All new undergraduate students (working towards a bachelors degree) receive academic advisement for the first semester through the Office for Global Engagement. This ensures that the extra time necessary, for a student in a new educational environment to get off to a good start, is available. Evaluations of previous academic work for possible transfer credit are also processed through this office. During the first semester of enrollment, undergraduate students are assigned a permanent academic advisor from his/her major department. Academic advisement for graduate students is provided through the Graduate Studies Office.

Passport renewals, visa concerns, immigration forms, taxes, and regulations pertaining to international students in the U.S. can be overwhelming. The International Services staff can provide forms, advice and answer questions on general information and other legal concerns.

A typical international student faces situations, which are new and different from what s/he is used to in the home culture. The Office for Global Engagement is the place to go when you have a question or concern in this regard. The staff has probably encountered the issue before, so students need not be embarrassed about any topic. We stand by the motto: "There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers."

No matter how many friends an international student makes on campus, many feel cut off from close family relationships. To help fill this void, SRU offers a host family program where students are matched with American families interested in opening their homes to them. Typical activities include sightseeing, shopping, home cooked meals, and occasional home-stays. Interested students may sign up for a host family at any time during their studies.

Each November, SRU celebrates Internations Week. Activities are scheduled, allowing students to share their cultures with the University community. The highlight of the week is the International Dinner where students prepare foods from their home cuisine.

One of the activities on campus that most international students are involved with is the Internations Club. Here, both international and domestic students have the opportunity to share cultures and get together for social events.

"Longitudes and Latitudes" is the monthly newsletter of the Office for Global Engagement. Updates on activities, news from campus, and special events are included to keep all students informed. This newsletter is distributed electronically on our international student e-mail network. Paper copies are also available.

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