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Office for Global Engagement 

 Vision, Mission and Goals 




The vision of the Office for Global Engagement is a Slippery Rock University community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who see beyond national borders and cultural differences, embrace the rich diversity of the world for educational and personal growth, and contribute to the greater good of our global society.


The mission of the Office for Global Engagement is to provide meaningful international experiences for SRU students, faculty and staff in pursuit of academic, professional and cultural exploration and growth. We do this by facilitating mobility, interaction and support. Additionally, we celebrate continued relationships with alumni.


The strategic goals, to successfully support our mission and accomplish our vision, are to:

  • Build and support a quality and diverse student body
    • International students:
      • Increase international student enrollment so that their collective and individual presence has a greater and positive impact on the campus community.
      • Continuously improve support for international students for their successful navigation of the university and community.
    • Study abroad:
      • Expand international programs, partners, and locations to provide increased  opportunity and greater flexibility for the diverse and unique needs of our students.
      • Increase student participation in international experiences while supporting their wholistic development.
  • Support international initiatives for faculty:
    • Increase faculty participation in international experiences through outreach and support.
  • Coordinate high-impact practices to support the curriculum and foster co-curriculur involvement:
    • Continue to integrate international experiences into the curriculum and academic program requirements.
    • Expand involvement and create new opportunities for co-curricular programs such as living-learning communities, FYRST seminars, and international Care Breaks
  • Enhance outcomes for students, faculty, staff, and Office for Global Engagement program:
    • Strategically combine programming and support to increase international student retention and graduation rates.
    • Integrate career development into students’ international experiences.
    • Collaborate with campus constituents to increase funding opportunities for international professional development for faculty and staff.
    • Optimize Office for Global Engagement assessments to earn the recognition as leaders within PASSHE for international programs from our system peers. 

We Pledge to:

  • consider the nature of our students and their needs in our overall operational decisions,
  • provide student-focused service, in order to meet the diverse nature and needs of our students,
  • operate all programs in a fiscally responsible manner,
  • support the professional development of students and staff,
  • and nurture relationships with alumni.


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