Combine Heathcare, Information Systems, and Business

Advance your career in the rapidly developing market of healthcare

Health Information Management (Master of Science)

Offered by: School of Business

The Master of Science in Health Information Management (MSHIM) is an exciting, job-oriented program that combines healthcare, computer information systems, and the best business practices. The Affordable Care Act and other mandates have forced the healthcare industry to become more data-driven. Any modern healthcare-related facility in the United States, be it hospitals, insurance companies, retirement homes, physical therapy centers, or anything else that concerns our health, will be in need of trained management professionals familiar with healthcare data and the computer systems that manipulate that data.


MSHIM is designed for professionals in the healthcare and/or computer information systems domains to advance their career into this rapidly growing market. The 33-credit curriculum can be completed in 15 months and will expose you to best practices in healthcare management, project management, data analysis, information technology and its accompanying legal, social and security issues. The program is designed to place you at the center of three complimentary career streams:  healthcare data reporting, computer information systems and solid management practices. You will become an essential asset to those doing the business of healthcare in America.


SRU's MSHIM Program offers:

  • Flexibility - blended coursework (onsite and online)
  • A curriculum that is designed strictly on the pattern recommended by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), so you are assured you are acquiring the exact skills recommended by the professionals.
  • MSHIM is intensely interdisciplinary, drawing on courses in Management, Finance, Economics and Management Information Systems.
  • Expert faculty, several of whom are current practitioners in the field, bringing real-world flavor into the classroom.
  • The program is flexible with courses available online and onsite.


MSHIM has the following admission requirements:

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee
  • Bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.00 or higher in a baccalaureate degree in a Health Care or Information Systems discipline, or a baccalaureate degree from another discipline and have at least five years' experience in a health care field.  (students with a GPA below 3.0 may apply for conditional admission).
  • Official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution.

GRE is not required.