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Web Based Music Education

Learn to communicate with your students effectively on digital platforms.

Teaching Music Online (Online)

Offered by: Music

Teaching quality online content in any academic area is challenging, but for music education, there are unique challenges, especially to do so in terms of best practices.  SRU's Teaching Music Online Certificate program prepares educators to teach online classes, which include music content.


SRU's Teaching Music Online Certificate program is 12 credits and to our knowledge, is the first in the country.  The program offers two courses that are designed to increase your knowledge in online instruction and educational technologies and two courses that are content-specific in music taught by the Music Department.  The courses are offered exclusively online and begin in the summer and winter terms.


SRU's Teaching Music Online offers:

  • 100% online courses
  • Knowledge and skills to effectively teach music through distance or cyber education, using technology as a resource for obtaining, evaluating, and disseminating content.
  • The ability to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for online learners. 
  • The tools to encourage students to use educational technology to locate reliable resources that can enhance and inform their musical achievement and experiences.
  • Classes taught by instructors with an expertise in online instruction.


* If you are not a resident of Pennsylvania, please check the list of most recent states approved for online classes and internships by clicking here to see if SRU is authorized to offer distance education and/or field experiences in your state of residency.