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 Welcome to the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research 



This site is intended to provide guidelines and general application procedures for grants, contracts and sponsored research at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Specifically, this site will:

  • Provide general university policies and procedures that affect the application and administration of grants, contracts and other sponsored activities;
  • Acquaint the principal investigators/project directors with specific functions of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR);
  • Describe the application or pre-award process for sponsored activities;
  • Assist faculty and staff in the preparation and submission of grant and contract proposals; and,
  • Provide information to assist in the post-award administration of grants, contracts and other sponsored activities.
  • This site will serve as a guide to grantseekers. Clearly, the information presented here by no means covers every detail of the grants process. Feel free to stop by OGSR or call to see what services are available to you.
 Mission Statement
for the
Office of Grants and Sponsored Research
The mission of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research is to facilitate research and sponsored programs by increasing awareness and competitiveness in the pursuit of internal and external funding to support the mission of the university.

Nancy L. Cruikshank, CRA                                                     Casey Hyatt
Director, Grants and Sponsored Research                                 Secretary
011 Patterson Hall                                                      009 Patterson Hall
Telephone: 724-738-4831                                Telephone: 724-738-2045
Fax: 724-738-4857                                      E-mail:

Nancy L. Cruikshank, CRA
Director, Office of Grants & Sponsored Research
011 Patterson Hall
Telephone: 724-738-4831
Fax: 724-748-4857 
Casey Hyatt
Secretary, Office of Grants & Sponsored Research
009 Patterson Hall
Telephone: 724-738-2045
Fax: 724-738-4857
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External Researcher Guidelines and Application Form
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