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 Scholarship Application Information 






Freshmen Scholarships

Each year, Slippery Rock University has offered twelve Honors Program scholarships to incoming, full-time SRU students who have been accepted to the Honors Program.  Beginning Fall 2015, the number of Honors Program scholarships that will be offered will increase to 23!

These scholarships are $6,000, four-year scholarships, payable in $1,500 annual increments based on successfully meeting award criteria.


Though the majority of Honors Program scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen who have been accepted into the Honors Program, scholarships may be awarded to exceptional Honors Program transfer students. Award decisions are made by the Honors Program Director following guidelines established below and reviewed by the Honors Advisory Board. 

Academic Criteria

SAT scores of 1200 (math + reading) or higher, 26 ACT, 3.8 QPA, and/or top ten percent of high school graduating class.

Application Criteria

A resume that includes your academic and community service experience and and SRU Honor Program Scholarship Application.

Honors Program Scholarships applications will be reviewed when received and awarded in the spring until all scholarships have been assigned for the school year.


Honors Program Advisory Committee Scholarship

This scholarship, which is funded by contributions from faculty who serve on the Honors Program Advisory Committee, is awarded to one outstanding senior and one outstanding junior Honors Program student.  The award criteria are a minimum 3.75 QPA, good standing in the Honors Program, and a minimum of 90 or 60 credits completed by the end of the spring semester of application.  Applicants are required to:

  • complete an online scholarship application form.  A faculty reference is required: approval from the faculty member to be used as a reference should be obtained prior to filling out the application.  The Honors Program office will send a referral form directly to the faculty member.
  • attach a cover letter including a description of your involvement in the Honors Program (200 word max.)
  • attach a short essay (400-500 words) describing how the Honors Program has positively affected your education at SRU.

Online Scholarship Application Form

The application deadline is March 15.  Scholarship recipients will be selected during the spring semester, and the scholarships will be awarded the following academic year.  Current Honors Program scholarship recipients are not eligible.





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