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 Travel Opportunities 



Learning isn't restricted to the confines of campus.

 London If you see the world as a text to be read, explored, and enjoyed, the Honors Program is right for you! Whether you want to travel abroad or stay nearby, the program has somewhere for you to go! Students who decide not to travel with other classes during Spring Break have the option of traveling with the Annual Honors Program Spring Trip.

This trip is an expenses paid travel opportunity (except dining), available to ALL members of the Honors Program. Past destinations included Chicago, IL; Toronto, Ontario; Charleston, SC and Washington, DC.

During the Spring semester the Honors Program sometimes offers Honors courses that include an international travel component. Students who enroll travel over Spring Break to the country that is the focus of the course content.  Ducky Tour in Pittsburgh
SRU subsidizes trips, making them more affordable! Past courses included "Exploration of the Holocaust" (Germany), "Latin American History" (Panama), "Galileo" (Italy), "The Communication Age" (London), "United States and Canada" (Yellowstone National Park), and "Shakespeare" (Stratford, Canada).
 Fort Pulaski, GA SRU Honors Students present at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference every fall and the regional National Collegiate Honors Council Conference every spring, with participants presenting with honors organizations across the country.
Past locations include Boston, MA, Phoenix, AZ, Kansas City, MO, and Washington, DC.


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