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 About Rock Dollars 



For all you returning students and faculty, the Rock Dollars account has all the same functionality as it did before, with some brand new features. Read on to find out what! 

A Rock Dollars account acts similarly to a debit card system or a prepaid cash card. You can place money into the account and use it at any location that accepts Rock Dollars. Most everywhere on campus allows you to pay with Rock Dollars. The SGA Bookstore, Rocky's, all dining facilities all take Rock Dollars.

A new service is the flexibility of using your Rock Dollar money at businesses in the borough of Slippery Rock. Students and faculty alike can swipe their SRU ID cards and punch in their PIN number in order to pay for purchases at a growing list of town vendors. To see a current list of participating merchants log into your account using the link at the left and click on the search button in the My Rock Dollar Merchant section. This should pop up a list of all the available merchants. 

Also new is the ability to transfer money online from a bank account or credit card. Simply login to the system using the link at the left and select the link under the My Rock Dollar Card section. 

The Rock Dollar card also rewards its users by returning %1.5 of the money spent using Rock Dollars. This can be donated to a charity of your choice, placed into the Rock Scholarship fund or given right back to you! 

For more details about Rock Dollars, refer to the brochure given to you when you picked up your ID. Also, view the Rock Dollars Card Cardholder Agreement.

Card Office Hours:
Monday - Friday