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 About the Card 



The SRU ID card is your identification card and more!

It also offers you a convenient, easy, and safe way to make purchases and utilize campus services.

The SRU ID card is your meal card, library card, Rock Dollar account card, and activity card all rolled into ONE. For those students living in a residence hall, it provides access to your building. When a debit account is activated, the SRU ID card works similar to a checking account in that the funds deposited into your account are debited each time you make a purchase.

Your ID card is valuable and you should treat it like cash or a credit card.

Front of Card

For identification and security, your photograph is printed on your SRU ID card. Your photo is digitally stored in our database so that we only need to capture your image once. If you lose your card, we can issue a new card using your original photograph, or we can take another photograph.

Back of Card

The black stripe contains magnetically encoded data that may be used in many different card reading applications. Protect your SRU ID card and the stripe from scratches and strong magnetic fields. For example, the raised letters on your personal credit cards will scratch the magnetic strip on the back of your ID card.

Card Office Hours:
Monday - Friday