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Where is the card office located?
The University ID Card Office is located in room 157, Watson Hall (residential suites, lower campus). Welcome Desk staff will give you access through the front entrance.  Turn left after entering the building and our office is on the right before the double doors.

What are the card office hours?
The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. During the university's summer hours, the office is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

What should I do if I lose my SRU ID or if it is stolen?
You are responsible for immediately reporting lost or stolen ID cards by contacting the ID Card Office; either in person or by calling (724) 738-2100. Your card will be inactivated (no one else will be able to use it). Replacement cards may be obtained from the ID Card Office at a cost equivalent to the established replacement fees. 
See Replacement IDs.

After I report my card lost can I still use it?
A new ID card will be processed and the established replacement fee charged. After the new ID is fully processed the student can continue using their IDs, meal plan, or Rock Dollars account. See replacement IDs.

What are the components of the SRU ID card?
Digitized Picture - Used for identification.
Magnetic Stripe - Used for a variety of services offered with the ID card. 

Does the ID Office keep the digitized photos on file?
Yes, the ID Office does keep the digitized photos stored exclusively in the SRU ID Card database. This allows for instant card replacement. The photo gives us an additional means of identifying persons requesting replacement cards.

Will my picture be used for anything other than my ID card?
The video imaging system has the capability to store images to be used for purposes other than the ID card (ie. class rosters, yearbook, brochures, etc.) You will be required to sign for permission if your image is used for anything other than your photo ID.

Will I lose my meals, flex or Rock Dollar balances if my card is lost or stolen?
Immediately report your card lost or stolen (724) 738-2100. As soon as you report an ID card lost or stolen, that card becomes inactivated (access to your accounts via that card will be denied). When a temporary or replacement card is issued your accounts will be accessible via the new ID card. To minimize possible losses, it is vital to report the loss or theft of your card as soon as possible. 

How do I add money to my Flex Fund or Rock Dollars accounts?
Cash, checks, and credit card deposits may be made at the Office of Student Accounts, 103 Old Main; checks may also be mailed. Credit and debit card deposits are accepted by phone at (724) 738-2088. For Rock Dollars you can also add money through payroll auto deposit, by calling 1-866-977-3975,or at

How do I check my Flex Fund or Rock Dollars balance?

Most merchants can tell you your balance when you use your card. Your can inquire about your Rock Dollars account by calling the ID Card Office at 738-2100 and our staff will be happy to assist you. You can also manage your Rock Dollars account by calling 1-866-977-3975 or online at

What happens to money in my Rock Dollars account at the end of the semester?
Your Rock Dollars is a fully functional bank account which you will continue to have access to through your academic career at SRU and beyond. See about Rock Dollars. 

What do I do if my card does not work for access to my residence hall?
Stop by the Office of Residence Life, Watson Hall or call them at 738-2082.

How exactly does the token work with the telephone? 
Because of the lack of NFC capable phones in the USA today, we are using an external contactless token that contains an adhesive backing that allows it to attached anywhere on a mobile phone. It will even work if placed on the inside of the battery cover. The token is slightly larger than a postage stamp and provides all of the same information that is traditionally stored on the magnetic stripe of a card. The cardholder passes the phone within 1.5 inches of a RFID reader to initiate a transaction. The reader then queries the token for identification data and begins exchanging information back and forth as needed. Once the token is verified then the transaction is processed through our host system for authorization and settlement against the prepaid account. This part of the transaction involving the prepaid account is much like the traditional credit or debit card transactions we process everyday. 

What if the student loses an ID or a token? 
If a student would lose their ID card or phone with the contactless token then they can go to our website or automated telephone voice response system to report the loss. This service is available 24/7 and will immediately freeze the account which prevents any further access from either the ID card or the mobile phone. A new ID card and/or token can be issued by the university that will allow the student to resume the access to their account. The old ID card and token are deactivated from the system and will have no ability to access the prepaid account. It is also important to note that the cardholder is required to enter a PIN number on all transactions being performed at merchant locations. This prevents someone from using a lost or stolen ID card or mobile phone without having the valid PIN number. This provides an added layer of security to the students and faculty. 

Do the vending machines accept Rock Dollars? 
The vending, laundry and copier equipment no longer accepts Rock Dollars. 

What is involved for a local vendor to gear up for this payment system? 
Merchants wanting to accept “Rock Dollars” may contact our local Heartland sales representative to be set up on the system. In some cases, merchants may be able to use their existing credit and debit card processing equipment and just add an inexpensive RFID contactless reader and PIN pad. We also offer state-of-the-art equipment that our customers may upgrade to if needed. Merchants are able to process all credit, debit and Rock Dollar cards through a single unit. They do not have to have a second piece of equipment just for processing Rock Dollar cards. VeriFone is one industry leading manufacturer of credit and debit card processing equipment that has been certified on Heartland and is being used in this project. 

How can I deposit funds?
On-line, electronic banking, deposit through Student Accounts Office, direct deposit through student payroll and/or financial aid.

Can my student payroll check be deposited to Rock Dollars?

Can my financial aid be placed on Rock Dollars?
Yes, but it doesn't have to be.

Is there a fee to transfer funds electronically?
Yes, there is $1.00 per transaction fee.

Do you have to use the Rock Dollars account?
No, you can use only the I.D. card if you want.

It is also important to note that the cardholder is required to enter a PIN number on all transactions begin performed at merchant locations. This prevents someone from using a lost or stolen ID card or mobile phone without having the valid PIN number. This provides an added layer of security for the students and staff.

Can someone else use my tag if the cell phone, key ring, etc. which it is adhered to is lost?
Yes, but only where a PIN number is not required.

Can I get cash back with my card?
Yes, at select ATM and some merchants.

Can I draw funds at select ATM's and is there a fee to do so?
Yes, and there is a fee.

Do parents have access to transaction and balance information?
Yes, with student permission.

Can parents put money on account from charge card, banking transfers to student's account?
Yes, for a fee.

Do I get an itemized receipt?
Yes, balance available provided.

Can I check my balance at select ATM's?
Yes, there is a fee charged.

Are there security measures?
Yes, you will have a PIN number. Any transaction exceeding $3.00 will require a PIN number entry.

Are my funds F.D.I.C. insured?

Will readers pick up my chip from within my pocket, purse, etc.?

Can you pay parking fines with Rock Dollars?

Card Office Hours:
Monday - Friday