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 Policies and Procedures 



It is your responsibility to ensure that your ID card remains in working condition. As a security measure, your card must be read by "swiping" it through a card reader terminal. If you lose or damage your card, you must replace it.

DO NOT punch holes, affix stickers, or in any other way make modifications to your SRU ID card. Such practices may create problems when trying to use your card for Official University business and card swipe functions!

The following are regulations concerning the use of ID cards:

  • Each student is required to have an SRU ID card in his/her possession at all times. Students may, upon request of a university official, be required to show a university ID card for identification purposes.
  • Properly validated ID cards are to be used only by the person whose name and picture appear on the card.
  • An ID card must be shown before a student will be allowed to enter a university function.
  • Only students with a properly validated ID card may use the card as a "meal ticket" or for withdrawing materials from the library.

To view meal plan policies and procedures see University Food Services.

Card Office Hours:
Monday - Friday