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 Student Username and Initial Password 



Your SRU Username:

Students enrolled after Fall '03
You have been assigned a username consisting of your three initials and four randomly assigned digits (i.e. abc1234).  This username is printed on the front of your student ID card.

Students enrolled prior to Fall ’03
You were assigned a username that consisted of your three initials and the last four digits of your social security number (i.e. abc1234).  For security reasons you have been provided with an alias that should be used to access the various SRU systems.  This alias consists of the first letter of your first and middle names, the first three letters of your last name, and two randomly assigned digits (e.g. wtkir12).

Usernames are all lowercase and an "x" is inserted when a student's middle name was not provided (e.g. John Smith has a username of jxs1234). You can look up your assigned username in the SRU online directories

Systems that use your SRU Username:

SRU Password

Password Managed Separately

SRU Password Portal:
SRU Computers
SRU Network Drives (H & I) RockMail
My Rock Audit
Parking Registration
Library Resources (Off-Campus Access)


Desire to Learn (D2L)

Your SRU Password:

Your password is initially set to your six-digit birthday (mmddyy)  For example, April 03, 1991 would be 040391.

This initial password expires 100 days from the date of acceptance to the University.  We recommend that you change your password immediately upon receipt of your account information.  Go to the Password Portal to Configure the Account Maintenance Tool and change your password.  New passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and must be different from the last three passwords you used.  Passwords expire every 100 days thereafter.


Xerox User Guides

Email Migration

Training Materials

Scan Request Instructions



 Support Services

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