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 MySRU Frequently Asked Questions 



What is MySRU? 
MySRU is Slippery Rock University’s new web portal that provides personalized access to web services. You can customize MySRU so that the information and tools you need and want are available when you log in.

Banner is a web-based, administrative software application developed by SunGuard SCT specifically for higher education institutions. Banner provides data through an online environment that allows University employees and students to perform various functions in a highly effective manner that is totally integrated and shared among departments across the University.

There is only one Banner database but two distinct ways to view the data: Self Service Banner (WebSIS) and Internet Native Banner (INB). 

Where do I find the name of my Adviser?

There are two places where you can locate an Adviser’s name: 1) MySRU student portal and 2) My Rock Audit

To locate Adviser’s name in the MySRU student portal: Login to MYSRU and select the Student Self-Service tab, on the bottom left under Academic Profile you will see Advisers. To access this information, click on the drop down box for "Select Another Term", select the appropriate term, then click Go. The adviser information will appear along side of an envelope icon to email the adviser directly.

To locate the information in the My Rock Audit – Login to MySRU and select the Student Self-Service tab in the student portal, select My Rock Audit which is located in the center of the page, under the Advising (SRU Web Links) channel; click on the orange box for undergraduate students; login to My Rock Audit; submit a New Audit at the bottom of the page; open the audit which corresponds to the current date and time; once the audit appears, scroll down to locate Adviser name and location information, which can be found below the legend.

What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)?
Self-Service Banner, is a user-friendly online tool that allows for management of personal and academic information through the use of hyperlinks, eliminating the need to stand in line or fill out paper forms. The majority of University employees and all students use Self-Service Banner as follows:

   • Enter grades
   • Access class lists on-line
   • Check my schedule on-line
   • Access and update personal information

   • Register for classes
   • Make payments and view account information
   • View and update financial aid information
   • View grades and academic transcript
   • Access and update personal information

What is Internet Native Banner (INB)?
Internet Native Banner (INB) is a more robust online tool, typically restricted to department heads (e.g., Vice Presidents, Deans, Some Chairpersons, Directors, and Enrollment Services Processing staff) who require a good deal of detailed information. The level of access to Internet Native Banner is determined by the Banner Data Custodians.  

What browsers are supported?
To log in and use the system effectively, you should be using the latest version of one of the following Internet browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari
  • Macintosh: Firefox, or Safari
  • NOTE: If accessing MySRU Reports, only Internet Explorer is supported from on campus locations.

Who do I call to get help?
Call the Help Desk at 724-738-4357 (HELP) or ext. 4357.

How do I login to MySRU?
You will see a login area on the portal homepage. Your user name and password is your SRU username (faculty/staff: first.last; students: abc1234) with your network password (same password as email).

Is my information secure? I don’t see a key lock symbol at the bottom of the screen.
Like any other Slippery Rock site, the information contained within it is secure. Only certain web pages will have the key lock symbol (denotes SSL-secure socket layer) where the security is necessary. SSL is in effect, and runs in the background and is invoked when needed during login or when sensitive information is being passed. More important, is the fact that when you are finished with your session, you must log out of MySRU so others don’t access your personal information.

Should I select the option to save my login information on my PC?
For security reasons, you should NOT opt to have MySRU save your login information. Saving login information potentially permits anyone to logon to that PC with your credentials, allowing them to assume your identity and access to university services and content.

Are files scanned for viruses?
Files are scanned for viruses when you open them, just like any other document.

What is the timeout limit if there is no activity?
MySRU will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Does everyone see the same views in MySRU?
No. Each person is given role-based access (faculty, staff, or student) which determines what content you will see in your portal.

What do I do if I get a pop-up blocker message?
Like any other unrecognized site per your browser settings, you may get a pop-up blocker. You can add it to the list of trusted sites under the drop-down arrow options.

Can alumni/retirees/visitors access MySRU?
MySRU is currently only available to prospective students, enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

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*NOTE: When navigating through MySRU, please allow an ample amount of time for each new page to load. If you receive any prompts to login again, simply log out and log back in.