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What will I find on My SRU?
Targeted information is securely provided to you in web parts or modules known as “channels” which is an easier-to-read format which you can customize (minimize, maximize, move, add more, close.) You will now have easier access to various Slippery Rock University websites.                                

Some of the self-service found on the HOME tab include:

  • Campus Announcements    
  • Personal Announcements
  • Top of the Rock/Rock Pride Online
  • The online Rocket    
  • Social Media
  • Emergency Alert Sign-up
  • Weather
  • Directory
  • Bookmarks

Some of the self-service applications found on the STUDENT VIEW include:

  • Course Registration application
  • Add or Drop Course application
  • Change Course application
  • Look Up Classes application
  • Registration Status application
  • Financial Aid Requirements
  • Financial Aid Awards
  • Financial Aid Academic Progress Status
  • Student Account Center
  • Email icon to academic advisor
  • Registration holds icon
  • Various One-Stop SRU Website Navigational Channels

Some of the self-service applications found on the FACULTY and STAFF VIEWS include:

  • Advisor Dashboard for Student Search application
  • Registration Look Up Classes application
  • Course Registration application
  • Override Registration application
  • Change Course application
  • Look Up Classes application
  • Various One-Stop SRU Website Navigational Channels

What are the benefits of using MySRU?

  • In the future, you will benefit from single-sign on to a seamless Slippery Rock University self-service environment--less logins.
  • Ability to fully customize the content I choose to see or not see.
  • Enhancements to a personalized user-friendly education experience.
  • Targeted content, allowing for the delivery of the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Improved business processes, collaboration and connectivity
  • Promotion of the Slippery Rock University brand name
  • Extended value of exiting Slippery Rock University technology investments
  • More enduring alumni relationships
  • Improved campus-wide employee service
  • Reduced costs associated with old ways of communication
  • Flexibility in unifying, extending, and managing Slippery Rock University's digital campus.

How do I customize MySRU?
Coming this spring you will be able to customize your portal view. Instructions on how to add and delete channels and tabs will be made avaliable to you at this time.

Need Help?
Call the Slippery Rock University Help Desk:

  •     Location: 104 Maltby (#14 on Campus Map)
  •     Hours: Monday - Friday 8-4:30
  •     Phone: 724-738-4357 (HELP) or campus extension x4357
  •     Email: 

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*NOTE: When navigating through MySRU, please allow an ample amount of time for each new page to load. If you receive any prompts to login again, simply log out and log back in.