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Click here for instructions on how to check your final grades.

Student Account Center - Launched August 2011
This informational channel displays account balances for term-related charges and non-term-related charges. The channel includes the following navigational links:

Student Grades - Scheduled for Launch October & December 2011
This informational channel allows you to view midterm and final grades. You can change the term displayed by selecting the desired one from the pull-down list and clicking Go. To view a complete list of classes, if there are more records than are displayed in the channel, click the More link. The system displays the channel in focus mode with the complete list of classes. If there is a hold on your grades, the channel displays a message stating that grades are not available due to the hold. The channel includes the following navigational links:

  • The Course Reference Number (CRN), if displayed as a hyperlink, indicates that gradebook detail exists for the course and goes to the Component Grade Detail page in Student Self-Service. A checkmark next to a linked CRN indicates that grades are assigned to components in the grade book details
  • The Midterm link goes to the Midterm Grades page in Student Self-Service
  • The Final link goes to the Final Grades page in Student Self-Service

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*NOTE: When navigating through MySRU, please allow an ample amount of time for each new page to load. If you receive any prompts to login again, simply log out and log back in.