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 International Exchanges Proposal 



Slippery Rock University and APSCUF seek to support the International Faculty Exchange Program.  The program should provide an international exchange opportunity for SRU faculty, enhancing the learning environment.  The purpose of an exchange, compared to a sabbatical or faculty leave is to promote international faculty development opportunities, to enrich and enhance the global cultural diversity of the SRU community, and to foster greater collegial relationships with global colleagues.

This proposal with additions or corrections would amend the March 02, 1994 International Exchange Agreement that states:

Hiring procedures for exchange faculty coming to SRU should include:

1.       Resumes from SRU and exchange faculty will be presented to departments in a timely manner. Resumes should contain: 

  1. A cover letter
  2. A record of successful teaching experience

2. A phone interview between the department chair and at least two other faculty members and the candidate will be conducted before the candidate comes to campus.  A minimum of one of the faculty members must be a current member of the International Initiatives Committee.

3. A majority vote of the regular full-time faculty in a department will be necessary for approval of a candidate.

   4. Upon written approval the International Services Office completes the appropriate Request to Fill a Position and Appointment for Employment forms and the respective department chairperson will sign off on the forms. The document is then sent forth to the appropriate individuals for approval (In order for the Request to Fill a Position: Dean, Human Resources, Budget & Fiscal Planning, Provost and President.) For the Appointment for Employment: Director of Diversity, Provost, and President)

    5.  A letter of appointment is issued by the President. The proper immigration documents are then issued by the International Services Office for the visiting faculty

Amended Additions

    6.  Slippery Rock University faculty who wish to participate in international exchanges must be tenure track faculty. They will work with the Director of International Services on developing contacts at approved exchange universities that will lead to a reciprocal exchange.  Once approved by the Director of International Services, the exchange request will be forwarded to the appropriate Deans for consideration.

    7.  Faculty exchanges must be reciprocal in that one SRU Faculty member exchanges for one international visiting faculty member, but the exchange does not need to be exactly equivalent.  The international visiting faculty may teach a different discipline than the SRU exchange faculty as long as they satisfy the conditions of paragraphs 1 through 3 above. The exchange does not need to occur in the same term but should occur within a year. 

    8.    Application timeline: 

            A. SRU faculty exchange proposals must be submitted in the Spring Semester, to take place at least three semesters after the proposal is submitted.  This is in line with current sabbatical proposal deadlines.

            B. Final approval of the faculty exchange will be contingent on the fulfillment of a reciprocal (but not fully equivalent) exchange.



William F. Williams, Provost 

Jace Condravy, APSCUF       



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