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International Services 

 Semester and Academic Year Programs 



The International Services Office's 21 programs are available for a semester or year of study. These programs are either exchange (students from each university swap places) or direct enrollments (SRU students enroll at the host university at a reduced cost.) Both offer the most affordable options, but at times enrollments may be limited due to the need to balance exchange programs.

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SRU Affiliated Programs: If you can't find an SRU sponsored program to fit your needs/interest, consider one of our affiliated programs. We have partnered with these organizations to provide additional opportunities at fully-accredited educational organizations. Costs are typically more expensive and the application process tends to be lengthier than for SRU sponsored programs because you must do their forms as well as ours. But, they can get you to locations that are not available on our sponsored programs, and all offer great student support while overseas. Click on each link to learn more.

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