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2014 Tax Information for International Students at SRU

Regardless of whether or not you worked at Slippery Rock University, there are some legal forms or tax paperwork that you must attend to annually.   The International Services Office is not qualified or legally able to answer specific tax questions, but we have compiled some information and instructional materials to assist you with this process.

The International Services Office has purchased access to an online program, GLACIER Tax Prep, to assist you with filing U.S. FEDERAL TAX forms.  Instructions for logging into this system and an Access Code will be emailed to your SRU account from GLACIER Tax Prep.  You will respond to various questions, and the system will automatically print completed forms for you.  GLACIER Tax Prep will not submit the forms electronically.  You must print and mail the forms to the Internal Revenue Service Center, Austin, TX  73301-0215. If enclosing a payment, mail Form 1040 NR-EZ to the Internal Revenue Service, P.O. Box 1303, Charlotte, NC 28201-1303.

  • All international students must complete Federal FORM 8843 by April 15, 2014.   Even if you did not earn U.S. income during the 2013 calendar year, this form must be completed.  You can use the GLACIER Tax Prep system to complete this form and mail to: Internal Revenue Service, Austin, TX 73301-0215.
  •  If you did work and earn income during the 2013 calendar year, you must also file federal, state and local tax forms.  GLACIER will assist you with filing federal income tax forms only.  You are responsible for completing STATE and LOCAL tax forms as listed below:

FEDERAL (U.S. Government)

  • Access the GLACIER Tax Prep online system to complete and print the necessary forms.
  • Due date for filing tax forms is Tuesday, April 15, 2014.  Print and mail various forms along with your W-2 (if you did work) to the Internal Revenue Service Center to the appropriate address listed above.
  • For help regarding your U.S. federal tax forms, contact the IRS Office online at or download the free IRS2GO app from iTunes or Google Play. 

STATE (Pennsylvania)

  • Download the 2013 pa-40 fillable form. Click HERE to see an example of a completed pa-40 form.
  • Most students will be eligible to claim “tax forgiveness”, which gives you a refund of Pennsylvania taxes you already paid.  You will need to complete a 2013 pa-40sp tax forgiveness form using the 2013 pa tax forgiveness chart. Click HERE to see an example of a completed 2013 pa-40sp tax forgiveness form.
  • Mail a copy of your tax return form (PA-40) along with the following items:  one W-2; Schedule SP; a copy of 1040NR-EZ form; and any other required forms, to the appropriate address below:
PA Dept of Revenue 
Refund Requested
3 Revenue Place
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0003
PA Dept of Revenue             
Payment Enclosed                  
1 Revenue Place                    
Harrisburg, PA 17129-0001
PA Dept of Revenue
No Payment or No Refund
2 Revenue Place
Harrisburg, PA  17129-0002

For help regarding your PA state taxes, contact the PA Dept. of Revenue in Pittsburgh, PA at 412-565-7540 or 412-929-0614 or online at

LOCAL (Slippery Rock Borough)

Local earned income tax forms need to be completed each year.  If you did NOT receive forms in the mail from Berkheimer Tax Administrator, please contact Berkheimer at 1-800-383-4870.

Please note that SRU withholds local taxes from your pay each pay period.  However, you are required to complete the local tax form annually; otherwise, Berkheimer Tax will assess a penalty fee.

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