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Description: The Gazetteer of the World Online is a dynamic tool for understanding our changing world.  The Gazetteer provides users with access to important information on more than 170,000 places and areas around the world.  This online resource contains unparalleled coverage which extends beyond the country level to states, cities, towns, provinces, counties, villages, hamlets, and neighborhoods.  The Gazetteer also provides rich, in-depth information about the economic, historical, and cultural context of places.
Dates Covered: Dependant on the location being viewed
Types of Coverage: Full text, encyclopedic entries 
Source List: Compiled by an editorial board of 150 leading scholars from around the world
Frequency of Updates: N/A
Subjects Covered: Demography, physical geography and political boundaries; industry, trade and agriculture; cultural, historical and archeological points of interest; transportation lines, longitude, latitude, and elevations; distance to relevant places, official government place-names and changed or variant names and spellings.
Types of Items: Major geographic regions, counties, provinces, states, districts, capitals, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, and special districts; continents, oceans, seas, gulfs, lakes, lagoons, rivers, bays, inlets, channels, streams, islands, archipelagos, peninsulas, atolls, mountains, mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, valleys, glaciers, and volcanoes; national parks, reserves and monuments, historic and archaeological sites, resorts, airports, ports, dams, nuclear plants, mines, canals, shopping malls, theme parks, stadiums, military bases, fortified lines, and mythic places; historical boundary changes, historical population figures.
Number of Items: 170,000 places and features from around the world
Vendor: Columbia University
Publisher: Columbia University
Other Information
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Additional Assistance/Help: A "help" button is located in the upper right-hand corner
Number of Users: Unlimited
What's New: "Quick Search" for place-names and full text on nearly every page; more options for advanced search; search results are "re-sortable" to allow users to arrange their own lists; search results are downloadable in both Excel and GML formats; enhanced navigation of long articles by "table of contents"; interactive homepage; "My Gazetteer" allows users to customize their experience by saving articles and searches.
Special Features: Keyword-search terms are always highlighted in an entry; area, capacity, depth, elevation, length, and width are always given in both standard and metric measurements; population numbers are given, and for all U.S. entries comparisons between the 1990 and 2000 census; a full history is given for each country, region, area, state, city, town, place of special interest, etc.; a history of place-names when they have been changed; changed or varient names and spellings of place-names; pronunciation guide to foreign place-names.