Academic Universe (Lexis Nexis)
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Description: Academic (Lexis-Nexis) provides full text and citation access to information in the reference, business, medical, and legal disciplines. Research areas in Academic Universe cover top news, general news topics, and news transcripts, foreign language news sources, company, industry, and market news, general medical and health topics, accounting, and much more.
Dates Covered: Coverage varies
Types of Coverage: Full Text
Source List: Click on the Sources link at the top of the interface screen
Frequency of Updates: Varies
Subjects Covered: Business, legal, medical, and news
Types of Items: Varies
Number of Items: As of 03/03/05: Over 5,900 sources
Vendor: Lexis Nexis
Publisher: Various
Other Information
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Related Resources: Academic Search Complete
Additional Assistance/Help: Help button located in the top right of the interface screen.
Number of Users: Unlimited
What's New: Headline of news articles now appears first in the results list.
Special Features: Advance Search Forms left of the interface screen; provides you to search specific categories (news, business, legal research, medical and reference)