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Description: The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry Online is an unparalleled source for poetry, as well as poet biographies, poetry commentary, literary glossary terms, and texts on history and criticism.
Dates Covered: Includes all poems indexed since the print 8th edition (1985).
Types of Coverage: Index, Full Text, and Glossary
Source List: Sources are available by clicking the "Poetry Sources" link on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Frequency of Updates: Annually
Subjects Covered: Poems in full text are the most widely-read in the English language, as well as in Spanish, French, German, and Italian.  Included also is poetry in Portuguese, Polish, Yiddish, Welsh, Gaelic, and other Celtic languages, as well as poems in the ancient languages of Anglo-Saxon, Provencal, and Latin.  Included are poems frequently required for reading at high school and college levels, as well as works other sites frequently find too long to offer comprehensively, such as Beowulf, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Milton's Paradise Lost, Dante's Divine Comedy, and many more.  
Types of Items: Poetry, commentary, biographies, glossary terms, history, criticism, and audio tracks of selected poems.
Number of Items: Over 250,000 poems in full text; 450,000 citations; 1,000 commentaries; 600 glossary terms, 14 Columbia University Press books on poetry, and over 100 audio tracks of selected poems.
Vendor: Columbia University Press
Publisher: Columbia University Press
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Number of Users: Unlimited
What's New: For the first time, users can browse the many parts of the database - poems, poets, anthologies, biographies, commentaries, and subjects.  The new Browse Subject feature organizes poems in a hierarchical structure of related themes and subjects, affording users a unique opportunity to discover poetry in a meaningful and visual manner.
Special Features: No other poetry website can match Granger's editorial quality.  Granger's distinguished editor, William Harmon, and a board of consultants provide a consistent standard of excellence.  The database also offers linked commentaries, biographies, and glossary terms.  Granger's contains recently published books on poetry, as well.