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Description: It includes:
  • Newswires covering agriculture, general news, broadcast news, government, business press releases, industry topics, sports and current events from all over the world
  • Newspapers The full indexing of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Christian Science Monitor
  • Periodicals General interest magazines; refereed academic journals; business publications; technology periodicals; plus specialty titles in law, health care and computers
Dates Covered: 1980 - present
Types of Coverage: Index, Abstracts and Some Full text
Source List: Click on the Publication link at the top of the interface screen; then click list all link
Frequency of Updates: Daily
Subjects Covered: Art, business, economics, computers, environmental issues, general science, technology, health care, humanities, law, politics, social science, and current events.
Types of Items: Index and full text from newswires, newspapers and periodicals
Number of Items: As of 01/01/04: 4,900 full-text titles; five newspaper indexes a total of nearly 8,500 titles in all
Vendor: InfoTrac
Publisher: Gale
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