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Description: Provides access to nearly 100 years of citations from popular periodicals and magazines. Search Readers' Guide for articles that are chronicle to the daily lives and the momentous events of America in the 20th century. Covers the fields of business, fashion, consumer affairs, fine arts, current events, health and nutrition, education, science, and sports.
Dates Covered: 1890-1982
Types of Coverage: Index and Abstracts
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Frequency of Updates: Closed set; not updated
Subjects Covered: Aeronautics, African-Americans, aging, archeology, astronomy, automobiles, biographies, business, children, education, environment, fashion, film, fine arts, food, foreign affairs, gardening, health, history, hobbies, home, journalism, leisure activities, literature, medicine, music, news, nutrition, photography, politics, popular culture, radio, religion, science, sports, technology, television, travel
Types of Items: Book reviews, historical/primary resources, indexes and abstracts
Number of Items: As of 04/01/04: over 3 million articles from 375 American magazines and scholarly journals.
Vendor: HW Wilson
Publisher: HW Wilson
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