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Description: Safari is both a book catalog and an online reference library for computer science and information technology. It contains electronic books in full text.
Dates Covered: Current year plus  two years previous
Types of Coverage: Full Text
Source List: Click Library at the top of the interface screen
Frequency of Updates: Varies
Subjects Covered: Computers and computer science, electronic book, engineering, information sciences, information technology, medicine, sciences, technology
Types of Items: Electronic Books
Number of Items: As of 05/16/05: over 200 electronic titles
Vendor: Proquest
Publisher: O'Reilly
Other Information
Related Resources: Guide to Computing Literature
Additional Assistance/Help: Help button located in the bottom of the interface screen.
Number of Users: 2
What's New: Safari Labs link at the top of the interface screen allows users to discover prototypes or betas of new features
Special Features: Browse by category (computer science, databases, graphics, hardware and much more)
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