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Description: Stat!Ref is a collection of medical handbooks, textbooks, and other reference resources, mostly familiar from their use as print resources. It allows text searching (with multiple cross-referenced terms) of one or several books at a time, or browsing by table of contents.
Dates Covered: Current
Types of Coverage: Full Text
Source List: Click on theTable of Contents at the top right of the interface screen
Frequency of Updates: Varies
Subjects Covered: General medicine, medical specialties, and drug information
Types of Items: Guides, dictionaries, manuals, textbooks, and other medicine & health care related materials.
Number of Items: As of 01/01/05: more than 25 medical and drug texts
Vendor: STAT!Ref
Publisher: STAT!Ref
Other Information
Related Resources: MedLine
Additional Assistance/Help: Help button located in the top right of the interface screen.
Number of Users: 2
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Special Features: Resources link at the top of the interface screen, provides you with additional resources