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Description: It contains full bibliographic descriptions and cataloging information for the following types of materials: books, serials, manuscripts, sound recordings, audiovisual materials, maps, music scores, and computer-readable files.
Dates Covered: 1200-present
Types of Coverage: Index
Source List: Not Available
Frequency of Updates: Daily
Subjects Covered: Engineering, technology, arts, humanities, biographies, business, economics, conferences, proceedings, consumer affairs and people, education, general science, life science, medicine, health, news, current events, public affairs, law, social sciences, etc.
Types of Items: Books, journals, manuscripts, audiovisual material, and any other type of material cataloged by OCLC member libraries
Number of Items: As of 3/24/05: more than 43 million records
Vendor: FirstSearch
Publisher: OCLC
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