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 Pathfinder: Locating Assessment Instruements 



  • How to LOCATE INFORMATION About Tests, Measures, Surveys, Inventories, Questionnaires, and other Assessment Instruments for Research

  • How to OBTAIN COPIES Of Tests, Measures, Surveys, Inventories, Questionnaires, and other Assessment Instruments for Research

  • RESPONSIBILITIES of Assessment Instrument Users

Research Sources:  How to Locate Information About...

The following print and online resources provide reviews of assessment instruments and in many cases provide valuable validity and reliability information.  These resources do NOT provide copies of the actual instruments.  To obtain a copy of an instrument...


  • Try searching under the abbreviations, popular names, and complete official names of assessment instruments.  
    Example:  MBTI, Myer-Briggs, or Myer-Briggs Type Indicator. 
  • Journal articles about assessment instruments sometimes contain the instrument.  Try using a keyword search like "survey and appended" or "questionnaire and appended", etc.  "Appended" is the magic word in a keyword search.  In the ERIC and CINAHL databases, you can use a special limiter under Publication Type for assessments.
  • The bibliographies of journal articles about assessment instruments may contain helpful references.
  • Theses and dissertations may include the assessment instruments used in the research.

 Print Resources in Bailey Library

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 Online Library Databases and Web Sites

     *Subscription databases from Bailey Library, Slippery Rock University.  Only Slippery Rock students, faculty, and staff members are authorized users.

Research Contacts:  How to Obtain a Copy... 


  • Contact information is usually supplied by resources such as Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print.
  • Some test vendors offer discounts for graduate students and educational purposes.
  • Searching an author's affiliated institution may provide contact information.
  • Publishers websites may include important background information and training materials.
Contact the Publisher or Distributor

Responsibilities of Assessment Instrument Users

Users of unpublished tests have certain ethical responsibilities to: (a) contact the test author and request permission to use their test and (b) secure their permission in writing if the material is copyrighted. No matter how difficult this process may seem, you should make every effort to contact an author or copyright holder to secure permission before using any test or other instrument. In many cases, you may need to consult your local Institution Review Board prior to administration of a test.   At Slippery Rock University, the IRB Committee provides information at:

Aiping Chen-Gaffey, Melba Tomeo, November 2005, rev. March 2006, rev. November 2010


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