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Fantasy Fiction

NOTE: This page is not being updated as of August 2010. We hope to resume updates once the Education Librarian position is filled.

Fantasy fiction invokes and inspires the imagination. Imaginary creatures, places, and powers populate the following stories. Fantasy fiction is distinguished from science fiction by its concentration on the imaginary past and an emphasis on magic over logic or scientific speculation about the future. Think of talking animals, flying dragons, invisibility cloaks....  

A sampling of fantasy fiction is listed below; many more are available by searching the online catalog. Major awards for fantasy fiction for children and young adults include the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature

  • Alcock, Vivian.  The monster garden.  Fic A3541m
  • Alexander, L.  The book of three.  Fic A375b
  • Andersen, H. C.  Thumbelina.  398.2 A544t
  • Andersen, H. C.  The steadfast tin soldier.  398.2 A544stq
  • Andersen, H. C.  The ugly duckling.  Fic A544u
  • Babbitt, N.  The search for delicious.  Fic B112s
  • Bang, M.  The paper crane.  Fic B216p
  • Boston, L. M.  The children of Green Knowe.  Fic B747c
  • Burnett, F. H.  The secret garden.  Fic B964s
  • Chabon, Michael.  Summerland.  Fic C428s
  • Dahl, R.  James and the giant peach.  Fic D131j
  • Dorros, A.  Abuela.  Fic D7165a
  • Engdahl, S.  Beyond the tomorrow mountains.  Fic E57b
  • Farmer, Nancy.  House of the scorpion.  Fic F2328h
  • Fleming, C.  When Agnes caws.  Fic F5972w
  • Fleming, D.  Lunch.  Fic F5968L
  • Fleming, D.  Mama cat has three kittens.  Fic F5968m
  • Freeman, D.  Corduroy.  Fic F855c
  • Friedman, A.  The king's commissioners.  Fic F911k
  • Haddix, M.  Among the hidden.  Fic H126a
  • Henkes, K.  Chrysanthemum.  Fic H513ch
  • Henkes, K.  Owen.  Fic H5130w
  • Hesse, K.  The music of dolphins.  Fic H5875m
  • Hesse, K.  Phoenix rising.  Fic H5875p
  • Howe, D.  Bunnicula.  Fic H8555b
  • Isaacs, A.  Swamp angel.  Fic I86s
  • Kesey, K.  Little Tricker the squirrel meets Big Double the bear.  Fic K415L
  • Key, A.  The forgotten door.  Fic K44f
  • King-Smith, D.  Babe:  The gallant pig.  Fic K556b
  • King-Smith, D.  Martin's mice.  Fic K556m
  • King-Smith, D.  The school mouse.  Fic K537s
  • L'Engle, M.  A wrinkle in time.  Fic L566wr
  • Levine, F.  Ella enchanted.  Fic L6654e
  • Lewis, C. S.  The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.  Fic L673Li
  • Lindgren, A.  Pippi Longstocking.  Fic L745p
  • Lionni, L.  Swimmy.  fic L763s
  • Lowry, L.  The giver.  Fic L921g
  • Lunn, J.  The root cellar.  Fic L9635r
  • Mayer, M.  There's something in my attic.  Fic M468ths
  • McKinley, R.  The hero and the crown.  Fic M1579h
  • Meddaugh, S.  Martha calling.  Fic M4883mc
  • Milne, A. A.  Winnie-the-pooh.  Fic M659w2
  • Nickle, J.  The ant bully.  Fic N6315a
  • Norton, M.  The borrowers.  Fic N886bo
  • O'Brien, R. C.  Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh.  Fic O13m
  • Pearce, P.  Tom's midnight garden.  Fic P359t
  • Potter, B.  The tale of Peter Rabbit.  Fic P866tpr
  • Prokofieff, S.  Peter and the wolf.  785 P964p
  • Rohmer, H.  Uncle Nacho's hat.  398.2 R7383u
  • Rowling, J. K.  Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.  
    Fic R8845hc
  • Rowling, J. K.  Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.  
    Fic R8845hp
  • Sauer, J.  Fog magic.  Fic S255f
  • Scieszka, J.  The stinky cheese man and other fairly stupid tales.  398.2 S416s
  • Scieszka, J.  The true story of the three little pigs.  Fic S416t
  • Selden, G.  The cricket in Times Square.  Fic T471c
  • Sendak, M.  Where the wild things are.  Fic S474w
  • Seuss, Dr.  Horton hatches the egg.  Fic S4965hh
  • Seuss, Dr.  Bartholomew and the Oobleck.   Fic S4965b
  • Steig, W.  The amazing bone.  Fic S818am
  • Thurber, J.  Many moons.  Fic T536m
  • Tolkien, J. R. R.  The hobbit.  Fic T649h
  • Van Allsburg, C.  Jumanji.  Fic V2175j
  • Van Allsburg, C.  The polar express.  Fic V2175p
  • Van Allsburg, C.  The sweetest fig.  Fic V2175sw
  • Wells, R.  Max's dragon shirt.  Fic W4557md
  • White, E.   Charlotte's web.  Fic W582c
  • Wood, A.  The napping house.  Fic W873n

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