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Historical Fiction

NOTE: This page is not being updated as of August 2010. We hope to resume updates once the Education Librarian position is filled.

Although an exact definition is debated, historical fiction is a genre most often determined by setting and the inclusion of authentic historical events and characters in a fictional story. Historical fiction written for children and young adults is often used to enhance the teaching of social studies. Major awards for children's and young adult historical fiction include the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction. The following titles are available in the Instructional Materials Center; many more can be discovered by searching the library's online catalog. (more)   

Ancient World

  • McLaren, Clemence.  Inside the walls of Troy.  Fic M1615i
  • Alcock, Vivien.  Singer to the sea god.  Fic A3541s
  • Richards, Jean.  The first Olympic games.  Fic R516f
  • Napoli, Donna Jo.  Sirena.  Fic N2164si
  • Coolidge, Olivia.  The maid of Artemis.  Fic C774
  • Levitin, Sonia.  Escape from Egypt.  Fic L666e
  • Harris, Rosemary.  The bright and morning star.  Fic H316b

Middle Ages

  • Cushman, Karen.  Matilda Bone.  Fic C986ma
  • Barrett, Tracy.  Anna of Byzantium.  Fic B2744a
  • Platt, Richard.  Castle diary.  Fic K7195c
  • Cushman, Karen.  The midwife's apprentice.  Fic C986m
  • Cushman, Karen.  Catherine, called Birdy.  Fic C986c
  • Paton Walsh, Jill.  Knowledge of angels.  Fic P312k
  • Temple, Frances.  The Ramsay scallop.  Fic T285r
  • deAngeli, M.  The door in the wall.  Fic D284d 

American Revolution

  • Van Leeuwen, Jean.  Hannah's winter of hope.  Fic V259h
  • Gregory, Kristiana.  The winter of red snow.  Fic G8225w
  • Paulsen, Gary.  The rifle.  Fic P332r
  • Avi.  The fighting ground.  Fic A957f
  • Beatty, John.  Who comes to King's Mountain?  Fic B369w
  • Collier, Christopher.  My brother Sam is dead.  Fic C6995m
  • Fritz, Jean.  Early thunder.  Fic F919e
  • Bruchac, J.  The arrow over the door.  Fic B8875a
  • Avi.  The fighting ground.  Fic A957f
  • Gregory, K.  The winter of red snow.  Fic G8225w
  • Rinaldi, A.  The fifth of March.  Fic R578f 

American Civil War

  • Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald.  Virgie goes to school with us boys.  Fic H848vi
  • Bartoletti, Susan.  No man's land.  Fic B2914n
  • Pinkney, Andrea.  Silent thunder.  Fic P6547s
  • Brill, Marlene.  Diary of a drummer boy.  Fic B8555d
  • Paulsen, Gary.  Soldier's heart.  Fic W332so
  • Paulsen, Gary.  Sarny, a life remembered.  Fic P332sa
  • Polacco, Patricia.  Pink and Say.  Fic P762p
  • Fleischman, Paul.  Bull Run.  Fic F5956bu
  • Hunt, Irene.  Across five Aprils.  Fic H941a
  • Keith, Harold.  Rifles for Watie.  Fic K275r
  • Reeder, C.  Shades of gray.  Fic R327s
  • Armstrong, J.  Steal away.  Fic A736s
  • Denenberg, B.  When will this cruel war be over?  Fic D3925w
  • Edwards, P.  Barefoot:  Escape on the Underground Railroad.  Fic E265b
  • Lyons, M.  Letters from a slave girl.  Fic L9915
  • McKissack, P.  Christmas in the big house, Christmas in the quarters.  975.03 M158c
  • Murphy, J.  The journal of James Edmond Pease, a Civil War Union soldier.  Fic M97843j
  • Paulsen, G.  Nightjohn.  Fic P332n
  • Paulsen, G.  Sarny.  Fic P332sa
  • Fox, P.  The slave dancer.  Fic F793s
  • Houston, G.  Littlejim's dreams.  Fic H8248L 

American West

  • Fleischman, S.  Bandit's moon.  Fic F596ba
  • O'Dell, S.  Island of the blue dolphins.  Fic O23i
  • Speare, E.  The sign of the beaver.  Fic S7405s
  • Twain, M.  The adventures of Tom Sawyer.  Fic T969a
  • Brenner, B.  Wagon wheels.  Fic B8385w
  • Cushman, K.  The ballad of Lucy Whipple.  Fic C986b
  • Garland, S.  A line in the sand.  Fic G233Li
  • Hudson, J.  Sweetgrass.  Fic H885s
  • MacBride, R.  Little house on Rocky Ridge.  Fic M1195L
  • MacBride, R.  Little farm in the Ozarks.  Fic M1195Lf
  • Wilder, L.  Little house in the big woods.  Fic W673Lhb
  • Wilder, L.  Little house on the prairie.  Fic W673Lh
  • Wilder, L.  The first four years.  Fic W673fi
  • Byars, Betsy.  The Golly sisters ride again.  Fic B993goL
  • Thomas, J. C.  I have heard of a land.  Fic T4583i 

Modern World

  • Aiken, J.  Midnight is a place.  Fic A291m
  • Paterson, K.  Lydie.  Fic P296
  • Hesse, K.  Out of the dust.  Fic H5875o
  • Lasky, K.  Marven of the Great North Woods.  Fic L3456m
  • Reeder, C.  Foster's war.  Fic R327f
  • White, R.  Sweet Creek Holler.  Fic W5873s
  • MacLachlan, P.  Sarah, plain and tall.  Fic M1606s
  • Paterson, K.  The master puppeteer.  Fic P296m
  • Sauer, J.  The light at Tern Rock.  Fic S255L
  • Taylor, M.  The friendship.  Fic T2442f
  • Isadora, R.  Ben's trumpet.  Fic I74b
  • Curtis, C.  The Watsons go to Birmingham.  Fic C9785w
  • DeFelice, C.  The apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker.  Fic D313a
  • Gregory, K.  Earthquake at dawn.  Fic G8225e
  • Hahn, M.  Stepping on the cracks.  Fic H148s
  • Hamilton, V.  The bells of Christmas.  Fic H2215b
  • Hesse, K.  Letters from Rifka.  Fic H5875L
  • Kerr, J.  When Hitler stole pink rabbit.  Fic K405w
  • Levitin, S.  Silver days.  Fic L666si
  • Lorbiecki, M.  Sister Anne's hands.  Fic L8655s
  • Lord, B.  In the year of the boar and Jackie Robinson.  Fic L8659i
  • Lowry, L.  Number the stars.  Fic L921n
  • McCully, E.  The bobbin girl.  Fic M133b
  • Morpurgo, M.  Waiting for Anya.  Fic M871w
  • Myers, W.  The glory field.  Fic M9958g
  • Salisbury, G.  Under the blood red sun.  Fic S167u
  • Skurzynski, G.  Goodbye, Billy Radish.  Fic S630g
  • Taylor, M.  Roll of thunder, hear my cry.  Fic T2442r
  • Taylor, M.  The gold cadillac.  Fic T2442g
  • Uchida, Y.  Journey to Topaz.  Fic U17j
  • Uchida, Y.  Journey home.  Fic U17jo
  • Uchida, Y.  The bracelet.  Fic U17br
  • Wolff, V.  Bat 6.  Fic W8554b
  • Yep, L.  Dragon's gate.  Fic Y47dr
  • Borden, L.  The little ships:  The heroic rescue at Dunkirk in World
    War II.
     Fic B728L
  • Little, J.  From Anna.  Fic L778f
  • Hendershot, J.  In coal country.  Fic H495i
  • Hopkinson, D.  A band of angels:  A story inspired by the Jubilee Singers.  Fic H797b

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